“Smoking Politics”: Mitt Romney’s Dirty Money

Tomorrow (Wednesday) at Noon eastern time, the “Smoking Politics” show on Blog Talk Radio will talk about how Mitt Romney loves that dirty money. As co-host James Boyce writes on The Huffington Post:

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps. And they say you can tell a lot about a politician by the donors he loves. In fairness, any politician can get money from rather unsavory sources, but when patterns emerge you can tell what a politician is like by the donor company he or she keeps.

If this holds true for Mitt Romney it would make him a push-polling, SwiftBoat-lying, racist, immigrant-hating, Hitler-using candidate.

Boyce adds, “For a man who won’t swear and doesn’t drink, he certainly likes hanging out with some real lowlifes.”

Lowlifes like Carl Linder of “Common Sense Ohio, which ran deceptive ads and push-polling;” Sam Fox, the swift boat funder that Dubya just recess appointed to be ambassador to Belgium; and John Rakolta, who “thinks that [Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm], and some other prominent Democratic presidents, resemble Hitler.”

Anyway, James will discuss this tomorrow on his “Smoking Politics” show, along with Dave Johnson of Seeing the Forest and Taylor Marsh, of www.taylormarsh.com. Should be a great show.

If you want to call in, the number is (718) 508-9604.

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