Star-studded Al Pacino Tribute on Movie Geeks United!

As the next segment in their director’s series, the fellas of Movie Geeks United bring to BlogTalkRadio a very special tribute to living legend, director and actor Al Pacino.

Jamey, Jerry, and Chris have a stellar line-up of guests from the film industry including actors, authors, directors, and various other Pacino collaborators. Here is a sampling of the talented folk who will share their Pacino experiences on the show:

Thomas G. Waites worked on Broadway with Pacino in 1977’s “Richard III” and in 1980 and 1982 in “American Buffalo.” Waites also co-starred in 1979’s “…And Justice for All” with Pacino. Other films in his resume include The Thing, The Warriors, and Born on the Fourth of July.

Steven Bauer is an actor who co-starred as Pacino’s best friend Manny in the cultural phenomenon “Scarface.” Bauer and Pacino were inseparable during the shooting of this legendary film. Bauer’s other film credits include Traffic, Primal Fear, and Raising Cain.

Legendary film director and photographer Jerry Schatzberg worked with Al Pacino in his feature film debut. Schatzberg’s two collaborations with Pacino, “The Panic in Needle Park” and “Scarecrow,” are undisputed film classics of the 1970s. As a photographer, Schatzberg is most notably known for shooting the iconic photo of Bob Dylan that graces the album cover for “Blonde on Blonde”.

Geoffrey Owens, Steve Roman, Corie Lee Loiselle, Joe Roseto, Poncho Hodges are five cast members from Pacino’s latest directorial effort “Salomaybe?” which is set for release next year. These fellas will speak to Pacino’s strengths both in front of and behind the camera, as each of them have had the opportunity to work with Pacino in both capacities during the production of this film.

William Schoell, author of “The Films of Al Pacino,” an exhaustive assessment of Pacino’s career will review the highlights of Pacino’s film resume along with the trio of Movie Geeks.

Catch all these experienced and enthusiastic filmmakers and creative minds on Movie Geeks United at 6pm EST!


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