Steve H. Graham, Author of The Good, the Spam and the Ugly and Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man

Finally a Show About Something That Actually Matters
My name is Steve H. Graham, and due to a grave error in judgment on the part of the bigwigs at BTR, I just became a featured host. Which I guess is better than being a featured parasite.

While other hosts blither about trivial nonissues like whether we should try to save the planet, I intend to devote my next show (Tuesday, 9
Eastern) to important questions, such as, “Do female bloggers actually need talent, or is it enough to just have enormous bazooms?” I think we all know the answer, but we may as well reinforce the point by having an open debate in which I prevail by interrupting my guests and muting their phones. I haven’t been watching Bill O’Reilly for nine years for nothing.

I have a few prominent bloggers lined up as guests, and like any responsible host, I chose them primarily by cup size. Even the men. So put on your Man-sierres and Bros, guys, because my show is The Place to Be.

Also, anyone caught referring to Don Imus will be forced to perform in a naked pyramid with Michael Richards and Kinky Friedman.

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