Stuart R. Crawford and Small Business IT Radio

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If you ever struggle with technical decisions for your business, want to expand the breadth of your IT acumen, or simply want to listen to an engaging Canadian talk tech, check out Stuart R. Crawford’s BTR show, Small Business IT Radio. Stuart is editor of the website, Small Business IT, Does IT Really Matter? where he covers subjects designed to “help small businesses become successful with the right technology solutions.” He’s also the Director of Business Development for IT Matters Inc., Calgary, Alberta‚Äôs award winning Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

Having been a consultant for many years and worked in smaller companies as a rule, resources like Stuart are essential to keep a business afloat. One of the advantages of working at a larger company is picking up the phone and asking for the “tech guy” to show up and fix whatever ails your computer, fax, or printer. Not having that specialist means you need to be aware of these issues yourself at least to some degree. Or listen to Stuart, which is a lot easier.

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