The Blog Squad’s Denise Wakeman moderates BlogHer panel

The best thing about the BlogHer Conference in Chicago so far is meeting so many of our esteemed BlogTalkRadio hosts in person (not to mention meeting various guests and callers from shows, and tons of listeners).

Participating in the interactive live broadcast at the cocktail party last evening with Mominatrix Radio with dozens of fans gathered around seemed like it might be the highlight of the conference.

So many fans have been coming out of the woodwork who are familiar with us and what we do. They listen live to shows, or to archives, and love what we’re about and how we can bring another dimension to blogging.

That’s why I was thrilled to read that Denise Wakeman from The Blog Squad, co-host of Blogging and Beyond on BlogTalkRadio will be moderating a panel called “Book to Blog and Back Again” about writing across the two mediums.

I can’t wait to meet Denise in person and take part in the discussion!


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