The Mediasphere Brings social media to the airwaves

Our pals Tris Hussey and Jim Turner have taken their extensive experience working in media and online, for One by One Media and Bloggers for Hire, and taken it to the airwaves.

Their BlogTalkRadio show, entitled The Mediasphere, covers the week’s happenings in social media, with opinion, reviews, and special guests in the industry.

Jim and Tris are always on the cutting edge, and have interviewed Chris Heuer of Social Media Club, Jeremy Wright of b5media, and Rick Calvert of Blog World and New Media Expo. These industry insiders offer their takes, and invite listeners to call in and participate.


What can we expect from Mediasphere? Exciting interviews in the coming weeks including with Jeremiah Owyang, the man who brought social media to Hitachi, who currently works at Podtech.

You can catch The Mediasphere most Tuesdays at 3pm EST.

Check out their related blog, Blogonomics.


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