The Results Are In!!!

I have some exciting news for all of the hosts on BlogTalkRadio.  Recently we made it our mission to make sure our hosts were using their buttons and players on their blogs and websites.  The reason we want our hosts to do this is, to ensure everyone who is a fan of their blog or website can listen to their BlogTalkRadio show with as much ease as possible.  We give everyone the tools for free to get as many listeners as they can possibly get without having to issue expensive press releases or spend money on advertising, now I am not saying a good press release for that one big show every once in awhile is a bad thing, but to get your everyday readers and fans to hear you live or on the archives, we make it super simple.

I had our host liason Georga make me a spread sheet yesterday of a handful of these hosts.  After I looked at it and then picked myself up off the floor 🙂 I made a call to Georga because she told me I was going to be shocked at what I saw.

I reviewed the live listeners and downloads and noticed for example one show.   This show went from having an average of 19 listeners to 3500 per show.  Yes when you pick yourself up off the floor now, please go put up those buttons and players!!!  They work!!!!!!!!


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