The World is Getting Smaller

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Kesterson “live” on Blogtalkradio. Scott, who is the only US embed in Afghanistan called into his The Words of War.

By reading the abundance of press in recent days, it seemed like the Taliban were gearing up for a “bloody” spring offensive. Rather than get our information through traditional media outlets, why not speak directly with the a photo journalist on the ground. Scott called the reported figure of 10,000 Taliban troops wildly overstated. He seemed disturbed that the major media outlets were falling for the Taliban’s propaganda campaign “hook, line and sinker”.

While we were chatting away about NATO’s poor handling of the campaign, Mick Fealty, called in from Northern Ireland. Mick’s blog, Slugger O’toole is the number one blog in Northern Ireland. Mick also happens to be a featured host on Blogtalkradio. So here we are, all on the line, streaming live for the world to hear. I am in NJ, Scott is in Afghanistan and Mick is in Northern Ireland.

The archived show can be heard here.

If you ask me, I think this is pretty cool.

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