Today Live From The Forum – Hilary, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, and Chris Dodd

Good Morning, and let me start this blog by thanking Alan Levy, James Boyce, Nate Wilcox, Shaun Daily, and John Sweet for their tireless effort to get some of the events from Yearly Kos live and on the air this year, for one who has never been it’s been an exciting time for us as we are able to be there without even having to step on an airplane. As 2008 gets closer we hope to be at many of these events, allowing all parties to “Join The Conversation”.
Todays schedule is as follows for the last day of the Yearly Kos Convention.


11:45 pm est Gary Trauner Candidate Us Congress

12:30 pm est Luis Navarro – Joe Biden Campaign Manager

1:00 pm est Comedian Lee Camp from &

4 pm est Massie Ritch Center for Responsive Politics

At 3 PM EST BlogTalkRadio will be at the Presidential Forum. Broadcasting live they will be airing the forum on BlogTalkRadio so please tune in to hear, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, and the man from my home state of Connecticut Chris Dodd.

This is history in the making as we watch the first Presidential election unfold, and Social Media steps in to be used as an important piece of the 2008 campaign strategy.

All of us at BlogTalkRadio are very proud to be a part of this.
Amy Domestico

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