“Tricks” or “Tools” of the Trade

A common question I get from our hosts is, “How do I bring listeners to my show?”. That’s a great question and one we have spent a lot of time and resources addressing.

We have always taken the view that our hosts, many of whom are bloggers are the best source of driving listeners to their shows. Why you ask? Well, bloggers spend hours upon hours a week posting to their blog, doing the research and developing an audience. It’s this audience that wants to hear directly from the blogger.

In order to let your audience know when you are doing a show we have developed a series of promotional buttons which can be pasted to your blog (preferably in the right column above the crease). The example of the button which can be seen below links your blog directly with your host channel.

Listen LiveBlogTalkRadio Buttons: A very effective way to lead people back to your host page to “listen live”, this is my favorite posted above.

People will usually put a little text right above that or below it that reads something like this “Every Friday at 6 pm EST!!”

When people click on that button they are automatically brought to your host page and they can listen live, and then have the opportunity to call in and talk to you if they wish.

The next step is after the live show is over. We provide you with “The Media Player” which is the tool we use to allow people to listen to our shows once they are archived as a podcast.

The media player tab is found right next to the buttons tab in your host tool kit. The code can be inserted in the sidebar of your blog or on your website and will allow people with just the click of a button to listen right from your very own website or blog.

There is no doubt that using the promotional button and media player on your blog will drive listeners to both your live show and archived shows.

Stay tuned for more great tools coming in the near future!

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