MySpace As A Tool To Bring The Listeners!

After trolling around the hard numbers of the BlogTalkRadio site, we discovered something pretty incredible. A decent number of show listeners are coming to listen to your shows comes from traffic linked from MySpace Bulletins. Compared to the many different ways that hosts link to their shows, from their sites or blogs or social network pages, this method has proven to drive a good amount of listener traffic to the hosts shows.

Why is this method of linking to a show so effective in driving traffic? I can only guess, but it seems to me that posting a bulletin that all your friends see immediately after they login delivers the show information right to all a host’s potential listeners. Since many people check their MySpace, Facebook, or one of the other wonderful social networking sites like Mindsay and Ning on a daily basis, posting bulletins and updates in this way about upcoming shows and guests is a relatively hassle-free way to reach a wide audience. The numbers don’t lie.

So, all you hosts who seek to beef up your listener population, take note! Posting bulletins for upcoming shows is one method that has proven an amazing tool for show promotion. And if you post a bulletin on our BlogTalkRadio Facebook or MySpace pages, you’ll reach your exact target audience. Embedding a BlogTalkRadio button that links to your show, and a player that plays your last show, are two other ways we have seen listener numbers skyrocket.

For more discussion on MySpace and how it can be used as a business and marketing tool, make sure to tune in to The Blog Squad on Thursday at 6pm EST.

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