When you know Podcasting is Mainstream

Lisa Padilla, BTR’s VP of Marketing sent me a link to a very intruging article yesterday: Wachovia Launches Podcasting Technology On Wachovia.com. Apparently the bank is offering a free weekly economic podcast.

Why is this such good news? Because if a major bank is embracing podcasting technology you know that people are beginning to see the value of subscribable audio messages. The term Return On Investment (or ROI) means you don’t put time into something if don’t think you’ll have successful results. Here’s a quote from the Webwire article:

While “The Week Ahead” represents the company‚Äôs first podcast, the infrastructure and technology developed to facilitate its release pave the way for many more opportunities for Wachovia to deliver relevant, up-to-date information to customers.

What Wachovia realizes is the power of communicating directly with listeners who want your message. And Wachovia’s not paying thousands and thousands of dollars for mailers or CD’s for this messaging. They’re creating audio content that will last in their archives and continue to provide value for years (if it’s evergreen).

Take my word on this. This is huge. Within a year or two, you’ll have trouble finding companies/organizations who aren’t podcasting. Especially when companies like BTR are around that make the tech side of things so simple. The average American doesn’t care that ‘an RSS feed can push your MP3 file quickly to your site’ and so on. They want to create their own programs and speak to their own audiences.

And we’ll be the ones helping them to do that. You can bank on it.

-John C. Havens

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