Where in the world is Alan Levy

I was invited by the British Council and World Economic Forum to speak at a conference in Greenwich UK. The conference is made up of 60 “young leaders” from around the world chosen for their educational background, contributions to society etc. Here is the release.

The British Council invited me to educate this dynamic group on how BlogTalkRadio can be utilized in a social media environment. It’s actually quite heady stuff and I am honored and proud to be selected. If that’s not heady enough, I was invited to attend a cocktail reception at 11 Downey Street along with the conference attendees,certain members of the British Foreign Council and MP’s.

While these events will take place over the next two days, just a short time ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mick Fealty of www.sluggerotoole.com and Lloyd Davis of www.perfectpath.co.uk. Mick is the top political blogger in Northern Ireland and has developed quite a strong readership. Lloyd manages a blog as well, but he seems to focus a bit more on his consultancy.

I gave them the nickel tour and I must say, both Lloyd and Mick were impressed. Lloyd was so impressed that he already singed up to be a host on BlogTalkRadio.

As I explained what we were all about and trying to achieve, it seems abundantly clear that BlogTalkRadio will be a global platform, network and brand. People EVERYWHERE want to engage their audience in a live real time manner. People want that conversation archived and posted to their blog or their Ipod.

Well it’s off to dinner in Covent Garden.

Stay tuned……

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