Where In The World Is BlogTalkRadio?

It shouldn’t surprise me, it is after all, the World Wide Web, but as barriers to traditional media crumble, primarily the complete elimination of entry costs to media, concepts like BlogTalkRadio go globally instantly. Already, BlogTalkRadio has hosts in over twenty countries and that number is growing every week.

Much of our recent growth has been in the United Kingdom, primarily as a result of Alan Levy’s trip over there to meet with the British Council. Like every meeting or conversation we seem to have, people were enthusiastic about BlogTalkRadio. Here is one of the newspaper stories from the UK about Alan’s trip.

BlogTalkRadio is already, and will continue to grow into a force here in the United States. But just imagine its power in a country that doesn’t have a free media system, or has state-controlled radio. Imagine the political and social implications of being able to join in the conversation, or start the conversation, for no cost, at the click of a button.

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