Why BlogTalkRadio Works

Last night, Heading Right covered the third Republican debate in the same manner as the first two — a vigorous live-blog, followed by a roundtable deconstruction at Debate Central. The various conservative BTR hosts who participated all got a chance to converse with each other on the website — which generated more than 60 posts during the two-hour debate — and then went to our primary format of talk radio to finish the evening.

That’s what I like about BTR. It merges the technology of blogging and talk radio so seamlessly that one wonders how one exists without the other. Blogging gives us time to determine our message, but BTR allows us to structure debates almost on the fly. I was fortunate enough to moderate the roundtable last night, and I have to admit, I was very impressed with the level of analysis the back-and-forth nature of the show provoked. I had been reading the live-blogging all night long, which emphasized quick reactions to momentary events, but the panel showed real depth in their analysis.

As for me … I just asked the questions!

It’s similar to my travels with the Romney campaign in Iowa last week. I got a terrific interview with the candidate at CQ Radio, but even more to the point, my BTR interface allowed me to create a show on the fly. Because I had a laptop and a cell phone, I could broadcast the Romney town-hall forum, to what is really a global audience. I can go anywhere, to any event, and do the same thing. I don’t even really need power, as long as my batteries hold up, and I can bring BTR listeners anywhere.

That’s the power of citizen journalism. That’s the power of BlogTalkRadio. Join us, and discover the power for yourself.

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