Why Mo Loves His BlogTalkRadio Show

We always love feedback from hosts and listeners here at BlogTalkRadio, but yes, we love feedback even more when its positive and heartwarming.

I want to give a shout-out to our host Mo from The Mo Show, and thank him for his blog post “13 Reasons Why I Love The Mo Show on BlogTalkRadio” and I have pasted an excerpt here:

1. I can do my show from wherever I have internet connection. I don’t have to go to any kind of studio. My phone + my laptop = my Mo Show studio.

2. I get to talk about fun topics and have some laughs. Who knew weird place names could be such fun?

3. I get to interact with people, live, that I’ve been blogging with online. To put voices to the onscreen names has been a real treat!

4. I get to ask “Hey Dixie, What’s For Supper?!?”

5. I’m in charge. For someone who is an anal-retentive perfectionist, this gives me that sense of control that I sometimes have to exert.

6. BlogTalkRadio makes it so easy for their hosts to do the show — and even new easier host dashboards are coming soon!

7. They say that you can make money from BlogTalkRadio, but I really don’t see how. For me, it’s the thrill of the live broadcast that does it for me. That’s not to say that if XM Radio or Sirius came calling, that I would turn down a mulit-million-dollar contract! (Hell, who am I kidding, I wouldn’t turn down a multi-hundred dollar satellite radio show!)

8. I get positive feedback. I love that.

9. People like my laugh. For someone who has, in the past, been ridiculed for their laugh, it’s great to have people tell me they like my laugh. Even when I snort a little.

10. I’ll be honest, in that this feeds that sense of “fame” that I always craved. I may be a “Z-List” Celebrity, but hey, I’ve got my own weekly show! Not that I need another thing to do, but I should start bringing you segments (a-la Kathy Griffin’s “My Life On The D-List”) of my life on the Z-List: Yes – the waitresses as Wahoo’s know my name, hello fame in the BigD!

11. You can listen to the archived version of the show anytime! So, if you can’t listen live, there’s always the recorded Mo Show just a click away!

12. I enjoy the fact that people can IM me on Yahoo! during the show — this is especially great for people who don’t want to call in — they can still interact with me during the show.

13. I love my FoMo’s and am thrilled that they’ve followed me “on the air” with BlogTalkRadio.

Thanks, Mo! We love you too and thank you and all our great hosts for your hard work and enthusiasm!


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