Writing a Book on BlogTalkRadio

My fellow BlogTalkRadio host, Lowell Feld, and I have signed a contract to write a book called “Netroots Rising” outlining our experiences in politics in the 21st Century. Lowell and I are like many thousands of other ordinary Americans who got involved in politics and have made an impact because of the Internet.

Things like email listservs, web sites and blogs have allowed millions to participate who had been shut out in the previous, top-down TV era of politics. BlogTalkRadio is an exciting part of that transformation — a great new way to allow bloggers like Lowell and myself to add real-time audio dialogues with our audience to our communications mix.

Therefore, it made perfect sense to do some of the interviews for our book using the great BlogTalkRadio format. Have a listen as I talk to some of the activists who helped take down Tom DeLay, a titan of a previous era of politics, who never quite knew what hit him in the Internet era.

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