You Are Never Too Old For Camp?

It’s been a busy night here, I am getting ready to go to camp tomorrow!! Podcamp that is….tomorrow I will be spending the day in New York City at Podcamp NYC. It is an event that is put together by none other then John Havens from and Laura Allen from “The 15 Second Pitch”. They along with many other coordinators have worked tirelessly to put together this “unconference” as they call it. You can read their blog here if you want to hear more about it.

I myself will be speaking about how the BlogTalkRadio/live talkshow model extends the blog and creates a viral response in a live setting, then I will be taking questions for a bit. Im very excited to be able to spread the word about all the wonderful things that BlogTalkRadio can bring to a blog or website, although its been awhile since ive done any public speaking……..although anyone who knows me is telling me I wont have any problems with that ;0)

I will be back on Sunday with lots of new idea’s!!

Amy Domestico

Update……..You can view pictures of podcamp as its happening hereĀ 

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