You Were The Stars Last Night

Last night’s anniversary show went flawlessly and was a red carpet event that showcased many of our hosts on BlogTalkRadio. Starting the show was Alan Levy and Bob Charish, founders of BlogTalkRadio and they are also two of the most wonderful people I have had the honor of working with. The 2 hours and 15 minute show was jam packed with call after call, and we barely got time to do anything but take them.

Employee’s, family, and friends are just part of the laundry list of people who joined us.

Host after host rang the line and we here at BlogTalkRadio are so very blessed to be surrounded the overwhelming support and passion that our hosts feel for BlogTalkRadio. We that work here have that passion and saw last night how it has carried over to all of you.

Here is a list of some of the people who called in last night.

We want to thank you all for making this past year the best of our lives, and most importantly to us those who know Alan, we are humbled and honored to be part of helping this vision you had come to life in the most extraudinary way.

Will and Nikki

The Bakers Er Time

Ed Morrissey

April Sims

WSN Radio

Shaun O Mac

In Da No

David Ewen

Michael Bell

Matthew Cerrone-Mets Blog

Betty Jo Tucker

Independently Correct Radio

Dr BlogStein

Az Ufo Show


Empress of Glamour

Dangerous Lee

Destiny and Purpose radio

Peter K Fitness

Cuba Exposed

Hour of Celebration

On Da Set

Zookers Radio Show

Celebrity Talk

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