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Milling About with “Broadway Idiot” Director Doug Hamilton

Robin Milling talks to Doug Hamilton, director of the new documentary Broadway Idiot. The documentary follows the production of Green Day’s Broadway musical American Idiot.

Hamilton shares some of the most exciting moments of the production, including seeing the band see the show for the first time. Singer Billie Joe Armstrong helped in the film’s production, providing Hamilton with old family videos.

He also talks about the upcoming film adaptation of American Idiot, starring Armstrong himself. The musical’s producers are currently in discussion with Tom Hanks’ production company Playtone.

For his next project, Hamilton is doing a 2-hour PBS special on the Normandy landings or, as he says, going “from Green Day to D-Day.”

Listen to the full episode here.

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Russell Fischer of Jersey BoysThe Halli Casser-Jayne Show is off to Broadway. Meeting us there is Russell Fischer star of Jersey Boys, Oscar Hammerstein II’s grandson, author and painter, Oscar Andrew Hammerstein, President & Executive Director of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Ted Chapin and more. Tune in here.

The Big Bang Theory showDavid Goetsch and Maria Ferarri, writers on the show The Big Bang Theory, will be chatting with the geeks at Geekerati about the show and about their own geeky interests. Tune in here.

Interview with Presentation Designer for Madden NFL Video GameThe Broad Street Line welcomes Patrick Bellanca, Lead Presentation Designer for Madden NFL 13. The Madden series is the top-selling video game franchise of all time.  Last year’s edition sold more than 4.6 million copies. Tune in here.

Movie Geeks United revisits some of their best interviews past in their special series titled: Best of MGU.  Past guests highlighted in the series include David Cronenburg, Robert Duvall, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Burstyn and more!   Tune in here.

Iconic filmmaker Spike Lee will be joins PDC Live to discuss his latest film Red Hook Summer, a venture back to the universe he created originally in Do The Right Thing. Tune in here.

Actor, Billy Bob ThorntonBuffalo welcomes Oscar winning actor, director, writer and musician Billy Bob Thornton to discuss movies, music an life. We also welcome members of the band Royal Southern Brotherhood. Tune in here.

Singer, Angie StoneHost Joy Keys welcomes singer, Angie Stone to talk her new album Rich Girl. Rich Girl is a triumphant return to what Stone does best, writing deeply soulful and intimate songs, then delivering them with a voice so powerful and pure. Tune in here.

Sharon Harris, the owner of Napa Valley's Rarecat WinesSmart Companies Radio interviews Sharon Harris, the owner of Napa Valley’s Rarecat Wines.  Sharon turned her life’s passion into a thriving business, and she’s committed to helping other women entrepreneurs be successful.  She formed a group called Wine Entre Femmes comprised of some of the most remarkable women in wine. Tune in here.

Tips on Back to SchoolHost Monica will discuss the stresses for both parent and student, Nursery School thru College, when beginning the school year again. Listen in for Monica’s helpful hints on how to deal. Tune in here.


BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Olivia Wilder welcomes the Founders of three of the most popular and influential lifestyle sites on the web today.  Tune in to hear interviews with Nikki Joel of Lifestyle Lemonaid, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy and Jeff Siegel of Wine Curmudgeon. Tune in here.

BlakeRadio Network welcomes actress/comedienne Kim Coles to the show. Kim will be co-hosting Are You Normal, America? with Barry Poznick, a new show on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Tune in here.

Bestselling author Edward Klein, a contributing editor to Vanity Fair, former foreign editor of Newsweek, and former Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times Magazine, pulls back the curtain on one of the most secretive White Houses in history in his new book, The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House. Tune in here.

Garrett Johnson, Co-Founder of, which recently secured $2 million venture capital investment from Y Combinator shares lessons on perfecting the VC pitch. Tune in here.

Smart Companies Radio interviews Ken Segall, the marketing genius who put the “i” in iMac, iTunes, and other Apple products. He has worked with some of the world’s largest corporations, including BMW, IBM, and Intel. Tune in here.

American Vernacular welcomes Ken Tanabe, founder of Loving Day joins to talk about the landmark 1967 US Supreme Court case that legalized interracial marriage in all 50 states. He’ll also discuss the Loving Day celebrations around the nation. Tune in here.

On the The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, tune in to rock-radio pioneer and music manager David Spero & Richie Furay of Buffalo Springfield and Dickie Betts of The Allman Brothers Band. Tune in here.

Broadway fans don’t miss this! Candi & Randy chat with 2012 Tony Award nominees Judith Light (Other Desert Cities), Norm Lewis (Porgy & Bess), Kathleen Marshall (Nice Work If You Can Get It), Chris Gattelli (Newsies) & Wayne Barker (Peter and the Starcatcher). Tune in here.

Join Chris Mascaro and Angelo Cane as they welcome former Super Bowl winners Rodney Hampton of the Giants, Tony Wragge of the Packers and Roy Jefferson of the Redskins to Thursday Night Tailgate. Tune in here.

Tune into to a candid discussion with Guy Kawasaki on how entrepreneurs can best drive innovation. Also will be discussing publishing strategies to keep in mind when writing a new book. Tune in here.

Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford graces the big screen in Peace Love and Misunderstanding. Chace joins host Robin Milling to discuss his role as an organic butcher in idyllic Woodstock. He tells Robin what it was like being on set with movie legend Jane Fonda. Tune in here.

Mary and Rhoda Together Again? ‘I’ll Talk to Mary About It,’ Valerie Harper Tells Us

CAPTION: “I'm not snorting anything because we worried about spilling it on the dress,” Valerie (above, as Talullah) tells us of the coke scene.

“I'm not snorting anything because we worried about spilling it on the dress,” Valerie (above, as Talullah) tells us of the coke scene.

We’re not saying it’s a Mary-Rhoda reunion (just yet). But we’re not saying it’s not, either.

Interviewed on Let’s Do Lunch, the actress who immortalized Rhoda Morgenstern on that classic ‘70s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and its spinoff, Rhoda, says yet another pairing could be in the BFFs’ future.

When host Robin Milling asks, “Will you ever reunite for a Mary Tyler Moore movie?” Valerie Harper—who did re-team with Mary for the 2000 TV flick Mary and Rhoda—replies:

“There’s no movie in the works for me at the moment, but you never know what’s gonna come up.

“Boy, what would we do this time? We’d be Continue reading

Stephanie Mills: I Did Michael Jackson’s Laundry (and He Used Tide)

“I was determined to be his girlfriend. He didn’t know it, but I was,” Stephanie (above) tells us.

“I was determined to be his girlfriend. He didn’t know it, but I was,” Stephanie (above) tells us.

Back in the day, Stephanie Mills wanted to be startin’ something with Michael Jackson – like easin’ on down the aisle.

Interviewed on Mutha Knows, the Never Knew Love Like This Before singer spills details of her trysting time with the King of Pop, while she was starring in The Wiz on Broadway.

“I thought I was gonna marry Michael. I was so in love with Michael,” Stephanie, now 52, tells host Mutha.

“This was during the time when he was doing The Wiz movie [in 1977], and before that. I knew Michael because he used to come to the show all the time and hang out backstage with me.

“Michael was really, really shy. But back then, I was aggressive.”

Stephanie did indeed get cozy with the Gloved One, so much so that she performed more than one wifely duty.

The way you make me feel: With you know who in the summer of ‘77.

The way you make me feel: With you know who in the summer of ‘77.

“When he had his place on Sutton Place [in Manhattan], I would spend the night and I would do his laundry.

“It was Tide. I should do a Tide commercial, huh?

“And I even cooked for him – even though I couldn’t cook. But you know what? Even as bad as it was, Michael was such a gentleman, he still ate it.”

To hear Stephanie’s full interview – including how Jermaine Jackson brought her to Motown – click here.

Carol Channing: Gallo Wine Driver Composed My New Arts Anthem

It’s not often that truck drivers get their songs showcased by super- stars like Carol Channing—or any celeb, for that matter.

But that’s exactly what happened in the case of one such driver from her hometown of Modesto, Calif.

CAPTIONS: "I'm crazy about this song," Carol (above) tells is about her new educational number.

"I'm crazy about this song," Carol (above) tells us of her new educational number.

Interviewed this week on The Fruit Salad Show, Carol says that—as part of her new Job Corps campaign to inspire delinquent school kids—she opens her presentations with a composition about the importance of arts programs in America’s public schools.

“A truck driver who drives trucks for Gallo wines… wrote a song for me to sing. And he’s exactly on the nose,” Carol tells host Pauly – before quipping, “I could sing it for you Acapulco.”

Moments later, the Hello Dolly diva—who, in 2004, was award- ed a Ph.D. in fine arts by California State University—does in fact belt out the unnamed driver’s number a cappella:

The show must go on,
Make sure the marquis’ lit,
The show must go on,
Don’t let the spotlight sit,
The future’s at stake,
The schools all implore us,
Just give kids the chance,
And you’ll see one day their skills will advance.
Move over! Make way!
The arts must keep their place in education.

To hear Carol’s 60-minute interview—including her full rendition of The Show Must Go Onclick here.

Broadway Legend Patti LuPone: ‘I Don’t Know How I’m Going to Get to Work’

As if the Great Recession isn’t bad enough, now the City of New York wants to make it even harder for Patti LuPone to earn a buck.

 CAPTION: “It’s scary,” Patti (above) tells us of the number of Broadway shows that’ve been shuttered.

“It’s scary,” Patti (above) tells us of the number of Broadway shows that have been shuttered.

In January, the diva’s Broadway revival of Gypsy closed two months ahead of schedule due to (as the producers put it) “these uncertain financial times.”

And even if she does return to the stage in the future, Patti’s not sure she can make her 8 p.m. curtain – assuming that NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg moves ahead with his plan to turn (as the New York Post‘s Page Six gossip column puts it today) “the Great White Way into the Great Walkway.”

Last month, Bloomberg unveiled a proposal for closing Broadway to vehiclular traffic from 47th to 42nd Streets – in the heart of Times Square – in order to build a series of pedestrian malls.

“I don’t know how I’m going to get to work. Excuse me, I’ve got a show – move over!” Patti tells TV Talk host Shaun Daily.

“What am I gonna do? Obviously [Bloomberg] doesn’t go to the theater. Well, maybe he does. [But] I’ve never seen him.”

To read how Page Six covered Shaun’s interview with Patti, click here.

To hear Patti’s full interview, click here.

SoundBits: ‘We WILL Make You Laugh,’ Says ‘Fruit Salad’ Host Pauly

SoundBits, our weekly Q&A with BlogTalkRadio hosts, is back. So hold onto your apples, because today we’re spotlighting the ever-flamboyant Pauly of Fruit Salad (and cyberspace!) fame. Pauly, who hails from Los Angeles, has welcomed a wide variety of top show-biz names, ranging from Olivia Newton-John to Florence Henderson. But now it’s his turn in the hot seat.

Give us a 15-second pitch for your BlogTalkRadio show – why should listeners tune in?

Fruit Salad is, first and foremost, a lot of fun. It’s always classified as “gay,” because I am gay.  But it isn’t necessarily a gay show. We have amazing guests, and we aren’t afraid to ask crazy questions. Plus, we will make you laugh.

Pauly (right) backstage last year with one of his favorite guests, funny lady Margaret Cho.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m older then they usually think. And I’m a serious homebody.

Who’s your broadcasting hero?

As most people would say,  Howard Stern. Howard paved the way for my gener- ation to cross boundaries in media and have a no-holds-barred approach to interviewing, which I try to do.

If you could book any person on earth as a guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Madonna, to ask her questions that haven’t been asked before. And, of course, because I’m a huge fan. I’ve been very lucky with my wish list so far, so let’s hope that continues!

As we speak, what are you wearing?

A t-shirt and shorts with socks. Always socks.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done while in the middle of hosting your show?

As it has been widely reported, I cried during an interview. And I’ll do it again – guaranteed – if I book Madonna!
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