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BlogTalkRadio Host Advertising Kit & Guide

advertising plane

Are you interested in selling advertising or sponsorships on your BlogTalkRadio show?  We’d like to help make that happen by providing you with your very own customizable Host Advertising Kit that you can send to potential advertisers.

 How It Works

  • Download the document.
  • Personalize the document in the areas where you see brackets {  } by double-clicking in different sections – don’t forget to edit your show name at the very top:)
  • Feel free to add and delete information where you see fit and use this template as a guide. For example:
    1. You may have more of a presence on Twitter than Instagram so you would delete Instagram from your document under the Online Reach section.  Or say you are on Google+ or Pinterest, you would add those on to the list.
    2. If you are not a Pro host, you would delete out the option of offering banner ads under the Advertising Opportunities section.
  • Email or print out and deliver your completed document to your prospective advertisers.
  • Post this document on your personal website or blog.
  • Make sure to update the document with new information every few months.

What are you waiting for? Download your Host Advertising Kit now.

Need more tips on Advertising & Sponsorships?  Be sure to listen to our special 3-part BlogTalkRadio University series on the topic.  Go to shows.

New Host Goodies on BlogTalkRadio

This morning, we released a few nice improvements to BlogTalkRadio that we’d like to share.

Direct Connect

We’ve added a new feature to the Studio that we’re calling “Direct Connect.” Direct Connect is a new way for hosts to call in to the studio. We’re testing it out as an alternative to Skype. Hosts who have used it already have found this method delivers better sound quality. Try it on your next broadcast and let us know what you think.

Next time you enter the studio, you’ll see a new button next to the Skype button. Click this button to use Direct Connect to host your show.


Secure Login

Our login page page now uses SSL encryption every time you log into BlogTalkRadio. Most of you will see no difference when you log in. We just wanted to let you guys know that we’re vigilant in protecting your data and want you to be secure when connecting directly with your audience.

Bug Fixes

We also squashed a few bugs around social media connections and mixed in some design tweaks to the studio.


Get The Best Audio Sound Quality For Your Show

Getting The Best Audio Quality For Your BlogTalkRadio Show

What’s the point of hosting a radio show if your audience can’t understand what you’re saying? If you want to learn how to improve the sound quality of your show, we’re here to help! We just did a 10 minute segment on BlogTalkRadio University covering audio best practices and recommended hosting equipment. You can listen to the episode here and read below for additional audio tips and resources.

The beauty of the BlogTalkRadio platform is that there are several ways to host your show but that also means that some methods will result in better sound quality than others.  That said, we’d like to go through the best ways to host your show sound-quality wise and provide you with some audio equipment recommendations.  There are 3 ways to host your show, which we’ll go through in order of most ideal to least. 

Landline/Desktop Phone

Calling into your show using a landline or a desktop phone with a VOIP connection (Comcast, Verizon) that has a hardwired Ethernet connection will result in optimal sound quality.  Using this method, you should be talking directly into the receiver or using a good quality telephone headset (starting at $14) such as Plantronics or Logitech, but not using speakerphone.

To give you an idea, here is an excerpt of a show hosted by Sree Sreenivasan of SAJA using a landline phone:


If you are calling in to do your show with Skype, we recommend having a high-speed Internet connection that you are hardwired into.  This means plugging an Ethernet cord from your computer into your modem or router (not using a wireless Internet connection).  You should also close out of all other programs while hosting your show and minimize household usage of your Internet connection during broadcast if possible. 

For hosting with Skype, you will need a headset with a microphone (do not use the speaker on your computer.)  We recommend purchasing any of these headsets with USB connection (starting at $7): Microsoft Lifechat, Logitech or Turtle Beach.  If you want to have a real studio feel to your show, you can buy a microphone that will plug straight into your computer and noise-cancelling headphones. We recommend (starting at $90) Blue Yeti or Rodes microphones and the following headphones (starting at $7): earbuds without mic, Beats, or Bose.

Here is an excerpt of a show hosted with Skype and using the Blue Yeti microphone and a noise-cancelling headset:


Hosting your show with your cell phone should be a last resort because the audio quality of your show will then be dependent on your cell coverage in the area you are broadcasting from.  This method of hosting can result in a high frequency of dropped calls and less than optimal sound quality for your show.


In order to get the best audio quality for your broadcast, you should also ensure that your guests are calling in on a landline or a desktop phone with a VOIP connection (Comcast, Verizon) that has a hardwired Ethernet connection and not with a mobile phone.

For all of these methods, you will need to find a quiet place to broadcast from to ensure there is minimal background noise.  One other tip is to make sure you are not live-streaming the show on your computer at the same time you are broadcasting because that will result in an echo.

UPDATE: In addition, just this month we released Direct Connect, a new way to call in to your studio and an alternative to hosting your show with Skype. So far, we’re finding this method results in better sound quality. Read more on the new feature and try it out.

Additional Audio Resources

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From Our Customer Service Team

From BlogTalkRadio University

Attract More Listeners To Your BlogTalkRadio Show w/ Google+

Google+It’s no secret that engineers built Google+ with search in mind.  When we had Guy Kawasaki on BlogTalkRadio University to talk about his book, What The Plus, Google+ For The Rest of Us, he noted that Google+ is not just a social network, but a way to drive better search results.  The guy has 3.9 million people in his circles so we’re thinking he may know a thing or two about this;)

That said, Google+ is a great way to drive traffic to your BlogTalkRadio show too.  Google even shares info on how you can do so effectively here.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, follow these simple directions to set up your page (Guy suggests setting up an individual page over a business page).

Be sure to include a link to your BlogTalkRadio show page and make a post to your community each time you have a new show coming up.  Read up here on why it’s important to include a link to your show in your Google+ profile.

How to Land Great Guests According to Host Paul Lawrence Vann

Paul Lawrence Vann, Host of The Wealthy Speaker Show on BlogTalkRadioWe were happy to welcome BlogTalkRadio veteran host, Paul Lawrence Vann to BlogTalkRadio University recently. During his 5 years on the network, he has hosted over 400 episodes of The Wealthy Speaker Show, interviewing bestselling authors, social media experts, actors, relationship gurus, creative thought leaders, and more.

On the show with us, he shared his wisdom for landing great guests & more valuable hosting tips.  Tune in here.



Post Promotion Checklist For Online Radio Hosts and Podcasters

Post Promotion Guide: 12 Things To Do After You Host Your Podcast

A lot of effort is put into promoting your show before it goes live, but it’s just as important to promote your show after you host it in order to develop a following, generate traffic and build relationships.

We recently did a show on BlogTalkRadio University sharing the 12 things to check off your list after you host your show.  The show was inspired by an infographic posted by DivvyHQ on the topic of how to promote a blog post after you write it.  In some ways, you can compare hosting a podcast or an online radio show to “audio blogging” so many of the tips in the infographic apply to our radio hosts.

Listen to our most recent episode to get your post-show cheat sheet of everything you need to do to promote your latest show episode. And be sure to listen to the entire broadcast because we share a 13th tip that you don’t want to miss! Tune in.

The World According to Guy: Stop Pimping and Start Growing Your G+ Circles

Best-selling author Guy Kawasaki believes Google+ will ultimately win the social networking game. “This is Google, after all,” he said on BlogTalkRadio University earlier this week, noting that we shouldn’t underestimate the power of the No. 1 search engine.

Guy shared ready-to-apply tips from his book with the BTR community. Select the image above to listen to the podcast.

Guy’s chat with us was not only informative — he answered a bunch of BTR listener and host questions — but also super entertaining. At one point, he likened himself to the Pope! Listen to the full interview for a fun breakdown of this important social networking tool.


Besides buying his new book (on Amazon as both softcover and ebook versions, in the iBooks store, at Barnes & Noble as both Nook and softcover versions), we asked Guy the best way our BTR community can get started on G+.

Q: Should our hosts create a personal page or a branded page?

Guy: Branded pages have limitations because the person has to follow you before you can follow that person back. Your hosts are people first, brands second. If you’re representing Boeing or Porsche or Procter & Gamble, then yes, create a brand page. But for most solo practitioners, create a personal page.

Q: What sets Google+ apart from Twitter and Facebook?

Guy: Twitter is about gaining perspective, such as how long the line is at Starbucks, there’s an earthquake in Peru, etc. And Facebook is for pre-existing friends — people you know enough to care about their baby, their cat rolling over, etc. — you’re connected by blood or history. Google+ is about passions. For instance, very few of my Facebook friends share my passion for photography, so I can share those posts on Google+, which is for finding people you don’t know yet who share a common interest with you.

Listen to Google+ Expert Guy Kawasaki Share Google Plus Tips on BlogTalkRadio




Q: Can you talk about the power of Google behind G+?

Guy: No one knows search like Google. Let’s say you’re interested in SXSW but can’t go this year, so during it, you want to know what’s happening. If type SXSW into Google, you’ll see standard coverage by the New York Times, Mashable, CNet, etc. All the journalistic entities. But if you type the same keyword into Google+, you’ll see posts by people you know — insider posts that are remarkably different from, say, the Christian Science Monitor‘s posts on it. Google+ gives you more personalized results.

Q: Since many of our BTR hosts have shows on topics they’re passionate about, what’s the simplest way to grow their audience on G+?

[Guy’s answer to this one was short and smart. Listen to the interview online to find out this simple-yet-powerful tip.]

Google+ is one of the most powerful ways BTR hosts can grow their listening audience.

Q: What’s the best way to use G+ for self-promotion?

Guy: I use what I call The NPR Model: NPR provides good content 365 days a year. Every so often, they run the telethons to fundraise. We tolerate them because we feel a sense of obligation. So what you should do is become a sector expert and promote good content all the time, so that when you want to promote your stuff, people won’t be offended. The community doesn’t tolerate pimping all the time.

[Listen to the full interview for a real-life example on how to market your local business.]

Q: How often should we post?

Guy: I post 10 times a day, 365 days a year. But that’s what works for me. 10 times a day is only too much if you post crap. I don’t post crap. I post between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. PT, the prime time for posting. I use tools for scheduling posts. [To find out which ones, listen in.]

Q: Should we make all our posts public?

Guy: 100% of my posts are completely public. I understand the utility of posting to a specific circle, but I’m trying to post to my followers. Every post goes to my closest 2.8 million friends.

Listen to Google+ Expert Guy Kawasaki Share Tips on BlogTalkRadio

Installing Guy-approved tools will optimize your G+ experience. Listen to our interview to find out which ones.


There are 3 tools Guy considers indispensable for optimizing your G+ experience. Listen to the complete interview to find out which ones are Guy-approved.


Are you on Google+? If so, comment below with your profile so we can add you to our Circles!

And feel free to share some of your favorite G+ tips!

Visit Guy’s G+ profile and add him to your Circles.


Curious About Google Plus? Submit Questions for Tomorrow’s Show with Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki's new book, What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us

For newbies and advanced users, with tools to optimize G+

Show of hands: How many of you started your G+ profile but couldn’t get the hang of it or find the energy for another social network?

Tech entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki will change all that.

On Tuesday 8/28 at 1PM EST, Guy will answer questions from the BTR community and turn doubters into believers.

The best-selling author of What The Plus, Google+ For The Rest of Us, Guy calls G+ the “better social network,” for anyone looking to meet others who share their interests, because it’s simpler to use.

Best-Selling Author and Google Plus Expert Guy Kawasaki Shares G+ Tips on BlogTalkRadio

G+ expert Guy Kawasaki will answer your questions on Tues., 8/28, at 1PM ET on BTR.


Ask Guy Your Google+ Questions!

5 ways to send us your questions:

Online: Listen live and join the chatroom.

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