10 FaceBook Marketing Tips for Podcasters


BlogTalkRadio has a FaceBook group made up of hosts, listeners and other BlogTalkRadio fans. We started the FaceBook group for several reasons. The main reason is to build our community and give our fans a place to share their shows and ideas. Another reason was to promote many of the day’s events. We also felt a FaceBook group would be a good way to create awareness and encourage others to join the BlogTalkRadio community.

If you would like to use Facebook to  build your own community and market your podcast or online radio show, these tips can help.

1. Create a rock star profile –  Your profile is the first stop for potential friends and followers. Make it interesting and reflective of your message. Make sure there’s a link to your podcast, your blogs and anything else you wish to promote.

2. Post your podcast’s feed into your Facebook profile – Your profile allows you to post your feeds to your profile page, alerting all of your friends to updates.

3. Make friends with people who will be interested in your show – Do searches to find friends in your niche. Once you get to know everyone you can start introducing them to your show, if they haven’t already found it on your own. The tricks is to market conversationally and not resort to in your face spam tactics.

4. Join a Facebook group – The best way to meet like-minded people is to join Facebook groups. You can share ideas and tips and further establish yourself as an expert. You can even talk about your show now and then, especially if you have an interesting or notable guest.

5. Start your own Facebook group – Start a Facebook group around your show or genre. Share links, tips, ideas and interact as you build your own community.

6. Comment on other people walls and profiles – VMake friend’s with people who interest you and comment on their walls or profile page. You don’t have to spam them with links, but if you become an online friend, they will want to learn more about you.

7. Set up Facebook events – Have a major guest? Tell the world by creating a Facebook event. Invite everyone you know. List date, time, and descriptive paragraph.Facebook allows you to invite up to 100 people at a time so if you know a lot of people, you may have to send out several invites.

8. Facebook badges – Customizable Facebook badges allow you to share your information on other websites. The badges are automatically updated and visible to all who view it – not only Facebook friends.

9. Use Tweetdeck – Not only does Tweetdeck allow you to view all of your followers tweets, @replys, DM’s and searches at a glance, but you can also post updates to Twitter and Facebook at the same time, killing two birds with one proverbial stone.

10. Use BlogTalkRadio’s Tweet This and Share This buttons – On every show page is a “Tweet This” and “Share This” button conveniently allowing you to tell your favorite social networks about your shows just before they air. When your listeners tweet and share, they’re also encouraging more listeners.

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