5 Tips for Writing a Show Description that Rocks!


by Deb Ng

It’s no secret my favorite part of the job is going through all of the day’s programming to find stuff to highlight on the blog. When it comes to content, our hosts don’t disappoint. Sometimes though, I come across a promising new show, but can’t write much about it because the show description is rather…lacking.  If you’re interested in bringing in new listeners, your show description is the first place to start.

Picture this: You’re new to BlogTalkRadio and begin looking around our On Air Schedule for something new and interesting to listen to. You come across a show with a great name but the only show description is “music”. Hmmm…what kind of music? Is it all music and no talk? Is it a particular Indy band or a mix? Will there be interviews with musicians?

How does one know if it’s not in the description?

Here are a few tips for writing show descriptions guaranteed to send listeners your way:

  1. Write a rough draft. Many times, I visit a show page and the description doesn’t make sense. It’s hastily written with typos and words missing. Take some time to write a rough draft. Read it over a few times and then paste it into your show description form. (Just a small but important bit of advice from the Queen of the Typos.)
  2. Your show description should describe each particular segment, not your show in general. Detail the day’s topic, any guests, if listeners can call in, or chat will be open. Go for regular details instead of the vague and general.
  3. Don’t forget your keywords. Keywords have the ability to go beyond the BlogTalkRadio site and reach the Googlesphere. If folks come in via search engines, they’ll check out your archives and hopefully even become regular listeners. Use keywords to attract search traffic. Your guest’s name is a keyword, your topic is a keyword and your genre is a keyword. Use them. Embrace them. Love them.
  4. Don’t forget your tags. See keywords above. Tags are just like keywords, they attract search traffic and that’s a very good thing.
  5. Make it fun. Your show’s description is the first impression many folks will get of you. Do you want them to see your show as a dull program or lively event? Don’t be afraid to use vibrant, descriptive words to describe your segements. Let your personality come out!

It’s your turn: What do you do to make your show descriptions stand out?

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