Part Three: Using Social Media to Promote Your Show, Cinch

hosttip-of-the-week1We’ve covered how to use some of the most popular tools online to aid promotion of your BlogTalkRadio show. Now, let’s turn to Cinch, a free service available from BlogTalkRadio, which uses audio recording and sharing technologies to get the word out online.

How does Cinch work?
With Cinch you can easily create and share audio, text and photo updates using your phone or computer. Cinch’s tools enable users to capture and report on the go, and add new dimensions to the usual text updates online. These updates can then be shared across the web, through Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Below are some helpful tips on how to use Cinch to promote your online radio show:

TIP 1: Use Cinch for Advanced Promotion
Use Cinch to tell your listeners, veteran and prospective, about your next show by creating audio cinches and automatically pushing them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This streamlined process will take a few steps out of your promotional efforts.

You can easily share a short audio clip telling your fans about an upcoming guest, previewing what topics you will cover in your next broadcast, or other highlights that might entice them to participate. Audio cinches give your promotional messages a personal touch, and will draw in listeners. With your cinch promotion you can include text with show details and a photo of your guest or show logo.

The added benefit of Cinch is that you can also share your cinches on your website or blog using a simple embed code or by creating a custom cinch player in the Cinch Toolbox.

TIP 2: Use Cinch to Promote Past Shows
Many listeners on BlogTalkRadio consume content on demand rather than live, so promoting your show after it has aired is just as important as promoting beforehand. Use Cinch to leave a short audio message about your last show, or re-promote one of your favorite past interviews.

TIP 3: Enlist a Cinching Army
Cinches spread fast! Use Cinch to take advantage of the tried and true “word of mouth” method of promotion. Enlist your friends and family to share your cinches, and if so inclined, to record and share their own Cinch messages about your show onto their blogs and websites. So things go smoothly, approach family members and pals who have already embraced social networking first.

Using Cinch can increase the depth and versatility of your promotional efforts. With its ease of use, an automatic push to Twitter and Facebook, and its fast growing community, Cinch has proven an effective tool for reaching out, and bringing people back to your show time and time again.

We would love to hear your social media marketing ideas. Please share them in the comments below. Read our previous posts here.

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