How Are You Using Twitter Search?

How do YOU use Twitter Search?

How do YOU use Twitter Search?

by Deb

I’m totally digging Twitter Search lately. Not only is it great for a vanity search – to see who might have @ responded to me that I missed, but it’s also a great way to find like-minded people to follow.

Now, if you have a BlogTalkRadio show it’s also a terrific way of finding who is talking about your topic. You’ll find links to news bits, interesting blogs, people to follow, folks to interview and folks who might become listeners.

Twitter is an amazing networking tool. Use Twitter Search to find other BlogTalkRadio hosts and listeners. I’m finding more and more of us are socializing via Twitter and sharing tips and technical advice. On a daily basis, I chit chat with Sunny Goodman, Dr. Blogstein, Jenn Fowler and many other BlogTalkRadio hosts with a Twitter presence.

I also search Twitter to find out who needs help with BlogTalkRadio. When folks ask questions, it’s my job as Community Manager to help them out. I can help make them comfortable with the BlogTalkRadio interface, answer their questions, or put them in touch with the folks who can offer technical support. All community managers need to have a heavy Twitter presence, and BlogTalkRadio is no exception. Twitter is such a huge referrer of traffic to our site, and Twitter Search is an important tool for everyone who is part of the BlogTalkRadio community.

How do you use Twitter Search?

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