Host Tip of the Week: Update or Install the BlogTalkRadio Player

hosttip-of-the-week1You can reach more people with your show by using the easy-to-install BTR player on your Blog, Website, and/or Facebook profile. The recently released new player helps increase the search strength of the BlogTalkRadio platform, which means even more people will be able to find your online radio show. And, if you are part of BlogTalkRadio’s revenue-sharing program, the new player enables you to earn more money with advertising on the new player.

Overall the player works to your benefit in the following ways:
Amplifies Revenue Sharing
Spreads the word about your show
Increases your listenership
Makes your show easier to find

It’s easy to add.
Just look for the “Add this player to your website” button on your show profile (see below) and simply copy and paste the code or post using the gigya tool. Here is a brief screencast on how to install the player.


Where can you install the player? Here are a few ideas:

On your website or blog
On your Facebook profile or fan page
On your MySpace blog and profile profile page
Encourage your friends and loyal listeners to share your player on their blogs and social networking profiles

Maximizing Listens for Individual Shows
To maximize listens on individual shows with the player here are a few suggestions: 
Use the single episode player to share individual shows next to similar content on your website or blog; for example if you do a show on Michael Jackson and then write a blog about him; embed that player into your blog.
Also, don’t forget to post links to your individual shows on Facebook and Twitter after they been archive to the player.

And, one cool thing to remember for those of you that have a Branded Profile on BlogTalkRadio,  you can actually simulcast live shows on your own website with the player. To find out more about the Branded service on BlogTalkRadio, you can visit our Premium Services page.

So what are you waiting for, install your player today. Until next time, have a great week!

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