Tips From A Fellow Host

It was a pleasure to catch up with Bob Andelman, aka Mr. Media on some tips he has for his fellow hosts. Bob has one of the most successful shows on BlogTalkRadio and he’s been on the network since 2007 so his advice is invaluable for a new host. Here’s what he had to say:

I never turn on the microphone unless I’m over-prepared. That’s a lesson I learned from being under-prepared. Which leads to the question: What do I need to do to prepare for my show?

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

I always work from a script and remember, it doesn’t have to lay out every word you’re going to say.  I write mine like an outline. Many elements of your show will repeat from one show to the next, so here’s an example of a show structure that I use often:

  1. “Today on Mr. Media, I’ll be talking to Alan Levy, founder of BlogTalkRadio. Stick around!”
  2. Play a little podcast-safe music — no more than 10 seconds or listeners
    will tune out.
  3. A few sentences of introduction, whether I’m setting up a guest or just the topics of the day.
  4. I write out either half a dozen actual questions or talking points beforehand – just something to which I can refer if the conversation comes to a halt.
  5. I’ll remind listeners about whatever my guest is promoting and where they can friend him or her online.

2. Be Prepared
A good lawyer never goes to court without already knowing the answers to most questions he or she will ask. I try to take the same approach by knowing enough about my guest or topic to guide conversation in directions in which I feel comfortable. There can always be surprises – that makes it more fun, but being prepared will keep you in the game.

3. Be a Good Listener
I have coached girls soccer for the last ten years. My kids are always talking, talking and talking even more. I always tell them, “God gave you twice as many ears as mouths for a reason. Listen twice as much as you talk.” It’s good advice for a radio host, especially one with guests.

Thanks so much for all of these great tips Mr. Media! We hope you remember these tips when you are hosting your first show (or even your 10th:)

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