Use Twitter for Relationships Not Spam


by Deb Ng

My Twitter addiction is legendary is these parts. No matter how much I’ve tried, I can’t quit. OK, well that’s a lie. I never tried to quit, and have no plans to do so in the future. I like Twitter not for its ability to send traffic to my blogs or this website, but because of the community and cameraderie. That’s why if you’re only using Twitter to post links to your podcasts or blogs it isn’t going to work.

Granted, each “Tweet” is only 140 characters, but Twitter is still about people and relationships. Why would someone want to follow another’s tweets if they only contain links? Rather than spam, use Twitter to cultivate friendship and relationships. Sure, you can also use it to turn folks on to your radio shows and blog posts, but don’t forget what it’s really about.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of Twitter

  • Follow like minded people – Do a search for people who share the same interests. In fact, plenty of our BlogTalkRadio hosts are on Twitter and they’re great folks to follow. Also, find the talkers, movers and shakers in your niche group, they’ll be the most interested in what you have to say, and they’re the folks you want to learn from.
  • For every link to your stuff, throw out a few conversational Tweets – If you only invite people to visit your stuff, folks are going to think you’re a spammer. Talk about what you’re doing or what you’re reading. Discuss news or what you’re listening to. As you do this, you’ll build up followers who will visit your links when you post them.
  • Spend some time on Twitter not to promote, but to get to know the people who follow you – Folks follow you because they find you interesting and entertaining. Take some time to have a conversation with your different followers, you might build up some great relationships.

Here are some BlogTalkRadio shows and resources featuring ways to get the most out of Twitter:

  • Nikki Starr offered a quick Twitter course on BlogTalkRAdio101.
  • Warren Whitlock isn’t only @WarrenWhitlock on Twitter, he’s also a blogTalkRadio host who has written a book about using Twitter and also talks often of using Twitter and social media to succeed.
  • The Columbia School of Journalism had a helpful show on using Twitter for journalism – or everything you wanted to know about Twitter but were afraid to ask.
  • In October Business Matters welcomed a couple of Twitter experts to discuss the whole Twitter phenonmenon.
  • Host Rob Richards offered 5 Steps to Twitter Success.
  • Twitter was even a topic of discussion with the FlyLady and Friends.
  • Another of my friends, Jim Turner, offered tips on Making Twitter More Valuable on Social Mediasphere.
  • Host Debra Simpson has some great Twitter and FaceBook Tips
  • If you’ve come this far, you don’t want to miss Paul Cooley‘s interview with the “Twitter Guy”.

Also, my friend Darren Rowse has very helpful blog called TwitTips.
This blog is a must for anyone into social media or wishing to learn
more about using Twitter to help build traffic and contacts.

When you’re about to stoke up your favorite search engine to look for information on Twitter or any of the other social networks, why not check BlogTalkRadio first? Our hosts are not only experts, but they interview experts. We have some of the best information available right here!

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