Blog Talk Radio Today: June 16, 2008

John Fugelsang

For newbies like me, BlogTalkRadio is sort of like a treasure hunt. Everywhere I go on this vast website I see something new or different. Mind you, I’ve listened to BTR in the past, but I never took much time out to explore. Do take a look around, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Check out some of the cool programs happening today:

Tonight on “Buzzworthy Radio ” TV Guide’s John Fugelsang will take calls, discuss his career as a television host and talk about his one man show “All the Wrong Reasons.” That’s at 7:00 ET so be sure to set a reminder if you think you might forget.

Soap Fans won’t want to miss General Hospital’s Brandon Barash on “In the Zone“, tonight at 10:00 ET. Brandon will be taking calls regarding his storyline and being a part of GH.

Tara and Star are broadcasting “Army Wife Talk Radio” tonight from Ft. Hood! It gets better, we have LIFETIME Television’s “ARMY WIVES” cop turned Army wife turned radio host, Pamela Moran! Yes, Brigid Brannagh will join us live on AWTR this afternoon at 5:00 ET.

I do hope you’ll check out these shows as well as some of the other great programs featured today. I do want to apologize for bringing the highlights to you so late in the day. Today I’m learning the ropes, tomorrow will be a little better, and things should really be rocking in the next week or so.

As always, I appreciate your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Drop a line in the comments and let me know me know what you think of our shows, Blog Talk Radio, this blog, and anything else on your mind.

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