Al Reynolds: Star Jones and I Don’t Talk Right Now (but She Loves My Mom!)

More than two years after she gave him the old heave-ho, Star Jones still isn’t speaking to Al Reynolds.

But that doesn’t mean she’s giving his mom the cold shoulder.

"My mother loves my ex," Al (above) tells us of Ada and Star. "They had a really special bond with one another.

"My mother loves my ex," Al (above) tells us of Ada and Star. "They had a really special bond."

Interviewed on T. Tyler Talks, Al dishes about the state of his relationship with the former View host.

“We don’t really talk right now,” he tells host Tanya Tyler of Star, who divorced him in 2008 after four years of marriage.

“It’s interesting because my mother [Ada] had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago, so Star called my mother.

“It was really kinda cool to have your main lady and your wife getting along. Kinda feels good as a man, a husband and a son. But not right now—we don’t communicate,” he continues, before adding that he expects the frost to thaw in the future:

“The whole reason of buying into the institution of marriage is that you’re going to be together forever, and when it doesn’t work out, one’s emotions are all in a roar.

“So I’m thinking once things calm down a little bit more we’ll probably work on being friends.”

The former Merrill Lynch investment banker also promises to put his financial skills to work for the little guy.

“I’m going to launch a blog or a website to help people dig themselves out of debt,” says Al.

The ex's in happier times.

The ex's in happier days.

“These last two years have been extremely brutal for a lot of Americans-from losing their jobs and losing their homes-and I have seen the effects of it, especially down here in South Flordia.

And I was like, OK, I feel like I have some expertise. I feel like I have some talent. I’m a young, single, black man and I can make a difference.

So let me go out here and let me do something to help America with this problem.”

Al, who’ll return to T. Tyler Talks next month—and each month after that, as the show’s resident financial guru—tell us his get-out-of-debt site is scheduled to go up by June 15 (or soon thereafter).

In the meantime, hope you’re feeling better, Ada! The BlogTalkRadio family sends its best wishes.

To hear Al’s full interview, click here.

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One thought on “Al Reynolds: Star Jones and I Don’t Talk Right Now (but She Loves My Mom!)

  1. shalom

    So sad. Even though i dont know what happened, but it is very sad. after spending all that money for a big wedding, this men is just happy to said, i am a young black single men. Looks like we African American people have a curse. We really need Jesus in our lives. We have to give respect to money. SHAME on us.


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