How Podcasting and Online Radio Can Benefit Business


by Deb Ng

If you look through the job ads lately, you might notice more and more businesses are looking for bloggers, social media experts, community managers, and more. This is because it’s more important than ever for companies to have an online presence to succeed.

It’s not unheard of for corporations to start blogs or open a Twitter account, because they’re learning the best way to get people to rally around a product or service is through an aggressive social media campaign – and that can include podcasting and online radio.

Like blogging, online radio is a terrific way to discuss products and services and build up community around a brand. Hosting a weekly radio show to announce new releases, offer technical support, interview experts, and even answer consumers’ questions help build trust and give an impersonal company a more “human” touch.

People tend to support a business where they feel they know the players involved. Online radio is a terrific way to reach out and show the folks who use your service that you care.

Unless your business wishes to take advantage of our branded content services, online radio is like free advertising. So if your business wants to put its name on an interview, music or comedy hour, or even an online radio soap opera, for instance, it won’t cost a dime.

There’s no getting around it, in this day and age. A business must have an online presence to succeed.  Hosting an online radio show is a unique way to create buzz around a product or service and help to build community.

If you’re looking to create an online presence for your product or service, BlogTalkRadio is more than happy to help.

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