Oh, Snaps! Lisa Johnson Mandell Joins Janet Powers as Co-Host of ‘Work It Girl’

Lisa: New, improved—and employed!

Lisa: New, improved—and employed!

We don’t impress easily, so believe us when we say Lisa Johnson Mandell‘s networking prowess is something the likes of which has rarely been seen at BlogTalkRadio.

As an L.A.-based entertainment journalist and film critic, Lisa spent 25 year rubbing elbows with such powerhouses as Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Ben Stiller.

But in her late 40s, while searching for work, she—as she puts it herself—”found that the precious few jobs available were going to the young, nubile and unskilled.”

“So I started a personal campaign to give myself a career makeover,” she says.

“I ‘Botoxed’ my resume, rejuvenated my image and worked the web like crazy—and almost instantly received more job offers than I could handle.”

Our host...

Our new host with Chris "Mr. Big" Noth...

Late last year, Lisa also wrote a book titled Career Comeback: Repackage Yourself to Get the Job You Want.

Among the media that came calling—for interviews—were Dr. Phil, CBS’ Early Show, NBC’s Today show and The Wall St. Journal.

Among those outlets that came calling for jobs were AOL, where Lisa currently serves as an editor and blogger for the portal’s DimeCrunch section, which covers employment news, views and scandals.

And today she joins our own Janet Powers—executive producer of the Diva Toolbox Radio Network—as co-host of their new weekly show, Work It Girl.

...and with Ben Stiller and wife Christine Taylor...

...and with Ben and his lovely wife Christine Taylor...

“This program is in keeping with Diva Toolbox’s commitment to give women access to the information, resources and experts then need to succeed both at work and at play,” Janet tells us.

“And who better than Lisa—who has come back big-time in the face of a dire job market—to help me get that job done?”

Click here to tune into the debut edition of Work It Girl on the Diva Toolbox Radio Network.

..and if ever...

...and if ever there were no need for a caption, this is it.

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