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Ice Cube interviewed

FilmGordon Radio talks to Ice Cube, known for his work in pioneering hip-hop group N.W.A. and solo acting and rapping careers. Ice Cube appears in the new comedy 22 Jump Street. He says that their goal was “to try to make a whole new movie that stands on its own… the mistake that some people make with sequels is to rely too much on the first movie… you don’t want that.” Of his character, a parodical police chief figure, Cube says that “he’s so cliche… over the top, what you’re used to seeing kind of taken to ten”.

Listen to the full episode here.

Talk show host and documentary filmmaker Ricki Lake

Uncensored Radio talks to talk show host Ricki Lake about her upcoming documentary More Business of Being Born. The film, a sequel to The Business of Being Born, follows different methods of childbirth. The hosts talk to Lake about the film and her recent Emmy award for Best Talk Show, beating out such talk show hosts as Steve Harve and Anderson Cooper.

Lake talks about making the documentaries, saying that she had to “really fight” to get them made because she believed that audiences “want more substance than fluff.” She says that she strives for substance in her show, preferring topical conversations over lighter topics. She funded the films herself, calling them a “very personal project.”

Listen to the full episode here.

Dave Coulier on his career and hockey


Actor and comedian Dave Coulier, of Full House and Ghostbusters fame, talks to 24/7 Sports Hub Radio about his career and comedic inspirations. Coulier talks about the first indications that he wanted to go into comedy and acting, including an entertaining family and an early love for Richard Pryor and George Carlin. 

Coulier also talks about his process for creating celebrity impersonations, saying that he prizes comic value over accuracy. They also discuss Coulier’s interest in hockey, participating in charity hockey events with the Detroit Red Wings. He calls Jason Priestly the best actor that he’s played with.

Listen to the full episode here.

M. Night Shyamalan on the education gap


M. Night Shyamalan is the director of The Sixth SenseSigns, and the recent After Earth, among other films. He also recently wrote I Got Schooled, a book offering his thoughts on America’s educational system. He talks with Tavis Smiley about his ideas for solving the education gap.

Shyamalan uses the term “educational apartheid,” saying that poor education is an “affliction for low-income African-American and Hispanic kids.” He believes that apathetic teachers are a significant part of the problem, saying that “three good teachers can’t overcome one terrible teacher.” He also recommends that schools share data and extra information on student performance with teachers.

Listen to the full episode here.

AT&T’s Black History Month Series: Make Your Own Mark on History

Tavis Smiley

Capping off AT&T’s dual Black History Month series, Listen 2 Learn! and Ear 2 the Future!Make Your Own Mark on History—Live! features exclusive interviews with Tavis SmileyBlair UnderwoodMC LyteElle VarnerKevin PowellCorvida Raven and BET’s Jeff Johnson.

Mc Lyte

Each of these accomplished individuals reflects on the meaning of Black History Month, which prominent figures have inspired their own success, and what lessons young people should take away from the event, this year and every year.

Blair Underwood

Plus, excerpts from documentary interviews with historic African American figures including Rosa Parks, Duke EllingtonShirley Chisholm and James Baldwin.

Rosa Parks

Duke Ellington

And don’t forget to bring your best trivia game because the series will be covering African American “firsts” in the fields of government, sports, science, literature and the arts. Listeners are invited to make their own mark on history by weighing in on how Black History Month has shaped their own lives.

Hosted by Film Festival Radio‘s Janice Malone and LOTL Radio‘s Reginald Ford, this two-hour special gets under way Thurs., February 28th at 8 PM ET. Tune in here.

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Gabrielle UnionThe Stupid Cancer Show welcomes award-winning actress Gabrielle Union, who shares the work she is doing to support the fight against breast cancer. Tune in here.

Jackie CollinsNew York Times bestselling author Jackie Collins stops by Conversations LIVE to talk with host Cyrus Webb about her journey and her new book The Power Trip. Tune in here.

DIonne WarwickHost Barry Farber welcomes five-time Grammy Award winning music legend Dionne Warwick as she celebrates her 50 anniversary. Tune in here.

Black FrancisOn Storytellers, we welcome alt rock demigod Black Francis AKA Frank Black of the landmark group The Pixies. Tune in here.

Ricky Paull GoldinRicky Paull Goldin is an actor, director, and producer. He is best known for his roles in daytime dramas such as Guiding Light and All My Children. He chats with Take 2 Radio about his new HGTV show, Spontaneous Construction which premieres on February 15.  Tune in here.

Robert David HallRobert David Hall has played the chief medical examiner on CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for 13 seasons, which is seen in over 130 countries. Tune in here.

Tate DonovanHost Robin Milling welcomes Tate Donovan, who is currently starring in the Oscar nominated Argo and Deception on NBC. Tune in here.

Tanya BiankJoy Keys chats with Author Tanya Biank, whose book inspired the Lifetime series Army Wives.  She shares about her new book Undaunted: The Real Story of America’s Servicewomen in Today’s Military. Tune in here.

Hunter TylorHunter Tylo joins On-Air with Doug & Rob to chat about The Bold & the Beautiful, plus a look back at 25 years of daytime soap. Hunter shares what lies ahead for her character. Tune in here.

Walt FrazierTwo-time NBA champion and one of the greatest Knicks player of all time, Walt Frazier, will join The Knicks Blog show. Tune in here.

Walking DeadTune in to a one of a kind interview with the 3 most prominent stars of The Walking Dead: Michael Rooker, Steven Yeun, and Irone Singleton. Tune in here.

Robert HassReal Sisters welcomes former United States Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Robert Hass to the show to discuss how he has progressed as a poet. Tune in here.

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Naomi WattsNaomi Watts (speaking at the 2013 Palm Springs International Film Festival) discusses The Impossible, a film about one family’s harrowing story from the 2004 tsunami in South East Asia.  Tune in here.

CommonThis week on the BIG show, host Tim Gordon continues his journey with Black Reel Awards nominees and welcomes Chi-town’s favorite son, actor/rapper, Common. He sits down to talk about his latest nominated film, LUV as part of the ‘Meet the Nominees’ segment. Tune in here.

Meagan GoodActress Meagan Good chats about her new role on NBC’s hot new drama series Deception. Tune in to find about the her role and about being a newlywed. Tune in here.

Paul GiamattiThe Movie Geeks speak with acclaimed actor Paul Giamatti (Sideways, Rock of Ages) and director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm) about their new film John Dies at the End. Tune in here.

Sam WitwerSFP-NOW welcomes actor Sam Witwer talking about his role in the hit SyFy series Being Human. Sam shares his connection to Star Wars and discusses his take on Darth Maul amongst many other things. Tune in here.

Lisa LoebMatty P’s Radio Happy Hour welcomes Lisa Loeb and Luke Perry for the show’s 3 year anniversary show.  Lisa became a musical force with her hit song “Stay” and has gone on to create 2 Gold records, an eyewear line and an award-winning children’s albums.  Perry is well known as Dylan Walsh of the hit show Beverly Hills 90210, and is now the star of  Hallmark Movie Channel’s Goodnight For Justice: Queen Of Hearts, which premieres January 26. Tune in here.

2 Cellos2 Cellos, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, join host Robin Milling. The Croatian cellists made quite a viral sensation on YouTube with their dual cello interpretation of ‘Smooth Criminal’. Elton John took notice, taking them under his wing as their manager. Tune in here.

Andy MacdonaldAndy Macdonald was crowned as skateboarding’s World Champion eight years in a row in the World Cup Skateboard Series. He has competed in every X Games since its inception and has earned 22 medals, more than any other skater. Tune in here.

Parker KligermanSlicks and Sticks welcomes two of the drivers from Kyle Busch Motorsports: Joey Coulter in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and Parker Kligerman in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Tune in here.

Kristen JohnsonKristen Johnson is best known for her portrayal of Sally Solomon in the hit television series, 3rd Rock From the Sun. She chats with Take 2 Radio about her stellar career and her first book, Guts. Tune in here.

Guy KawasakiWendy Duncan host of BookMark Radio Network welcomes well-known entrepreneur and author, Guy Kawasaki for a chat with host Shawn Welch. Guy discusses his newly published book, APE: Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur How to Publish a Book. Tune in here.

Alan ParsonsStorytellers presented by BlogTalkRadio welcomes fabled producer, engineer and musician Alan Parsons. Alan is an 11 time Grammy nominee, best known for engineering the epic Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon and creating the multi-platinum rock group, The Alan Parsons Project.Tune in here.

Catch Actress Meagan Good on Film Festival Radio

This Friday at 7PM EST, Meagan Good stops by BlogTalkRadio to speak with Film Festival Radio.  Meagan stars in NBC’s midseason drama Deception as Joanna Padget Locasto, a San-Francisco narcotics detective with childhood ties to a notoriously secretive and powerful New York family, the Bowers. In addition, Megan is also establishing a name for herself as a successful executive producer of indie films. It’s a lot to chat about with Megan on this edition of Film Festival Radio.

Also don’t miss special guest Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, pediatrician and expert in the areas of childhood obesity. She is now a part of The Biggest Loser show’s team of experts who’s advising teens and kids on how to successfully overcome being overweight on season 14 of show.

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