‘Baywatch’ Babe Alexandra Paul: My Jailed Brother Teaches Spinning in the Big House

Former Baywatch star Alexandra Paul‘s brother, Jonathan Paul, is making the most of his four-year prison stint—by whipping his fellow inmates into shape.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio, Alexandra, 46, delivers an upbeat update on her radical-environmentalist sibling.

CAPTION: "I'm so proud of him for maintaining his values throughout his sentence," Alexandra (above) tells us of Jonathan.

"I'm so proud of him for maintaining his values throughout his sentence," Alexandra (above) tells us of Jonathan.

“My mother just saw him last weekend. I saw him a couple of weeks ago. And he can call his wife a certain amount each month,” she tells Olivia Wilder Times host Olivia Wilder of Jonathan, now 43, who two years ago was sentenced to 51 months on conspiracy and arson charges after pleading guilty to setting a 1997 fire that destroyed the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse in Redmond, Ore.

“He reads a ton. And he teaches spinning and boot camp in prison. So I joke with him, I say, ‘You’re becoming a workout person—like me!'”

(“Boot camp” is an intense cardio workout program designed to quickly boost fitness levels. “Spinning” is an aerobic exercise done on a stationary bicycle.)

“My brother has been, since his 20s, a really avid animal-rights activist. He has released animals from labs and he has saved wild horses from corrals,” continues Alexandra, who is currently in production with the big-screen indy flick, The Frankenstien Brothers, co-starring Gilmore Girls hunk Scott Patterson.

“He and his friends in the movement did set this horse slaughterhouse on fire and it was never rebuilt. And the town of Redmond [was] relieved because they hated that slaughterhouse because the blood from the horses would clog up the sewers in the town.

“But because my brother broke the law, he’s serving a sentence. But he will always be an activist. And he remains vegan in prison, which is very difficult.”

With Jonathan and twin sis Caroline.

Paul in the family: The fitness-buff actress with Jonathan and twin sis Caroline.

Jonathan, who was one of 10 Earth Liberation Front members convicted in the Cavel West fire, is serving his time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Phoenix.

“It will be two years on Halloween that he will be in,” adds Aleandra. “He’ll have fulfilled half his sentence…So he will hopefully be out in January of 2011.

“Then he’ll go to a halfway house for six months.”

To hear Alexandra’s full interview, click here.

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