Bill Cosby Responds to ‘Cosby Show’ Fan’s Tweet via CinchCast: ‘I LOVED Doing the Huxtables!’

Never let it be said that America’s Dad doesn’t do right by his fans.

Yesterday, Josh Shifris, 37, of Louisville, Ky.—who runs a fan club for ‘80s sitcoms—sent Bill Cosby a tweet in which he inquired:

CAPTION: "I will tell you this right now, he is tickled," Bill (above) tells us of Cliff Huxtable's view of doctor-hood.

"I will tell you this right now, he is tickled," Bill (above) tells us of Dr. Huxtable.

“Did you like playing Dr. Huxtable and how would you describe him?”

The comic’s response?

“I loved doing the Huxtables! What a wonderful, wonderful time,” Bill posted on his CinchCast page, where his wisdom-filled audio dispatches live.

“Cliff Huxtable is the following: As young man, he loved to study. He loves chemistry, he loves medicine, he loves saving lives. And he became a doctor—saving lives and delivering babies.

“But when he became a father, he found out that there was more to life than just delivering babies.”

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