BlogTalkRadio’s Kevin Ross Lands Nationally Syndicated TV Court Show

Talk about a career boost! Kevin Ross—who has been a BlogTalkRadio host for the past two-and-a-half years—will be taking his talents to the next level as host of America’s Court with Judge Ross.

Judge Kevin: A Shining example of BlogTalkRadio's "bench" strength.

Judge Kevin: A Shining example of BTR's "bench" strength.

The nationally-syndicated TV show, brought to us by Byron Allen‘s Entertainment Studios, is set to launch this fall, and has already been sold into 75 percent of the U.S. market, Broadcasting & Cable reports.

America’s Court will also air on one of Entertainment Studios’ six high-def cable nets, which were rolled out on Verizon’s FiOS broadband systems in September.

Set to tape in Kevin’s hometown of Los Angeles, the show will offer litigants “unique ways in which to responsibly deal with their unlawful or wrongful acts, while forcing wrongdoers to reflect on the consequences of their transgressions.”

“I love the BlogTalkRadio format, I love my fellow hosts and I’ve had a great relationship with my listeners,” Kevin tells us.

“So I look forward to incorporating BTR into my TV show.”

Prior to launching his BTR show, Kevin spent eight years as an L.A. County prosecutor before being elected as a Superior Court judge, in which capacity he served for seven years.

In October 2008, Kevin—an African American Republican—was one of eight BTR hosts selected to compete in Fox News Radio’s Battle of the Blog Talkers. Along with David McLaughlin—a white Democrat from Atlanta—he took top honors in the weeklong test of political prowess leading up to historic Election ’08.

Ready to set wrongdoers right on the set of his new show.

Ready to set wrongdoers right on the set of his new syndicated show.

In the wake of Kevin and David’s victory, BTR highlighted the hosts’ chemistry in a show called Game On!, which offered a spirited West Coast-East Coast take on the most provocative issues of the week.

When not making media waves, Kevin is president and CEO of 3BAAS Media Group, a marketing firm specializing in Internet and Web 2.0 communications. The tech-savvy entrepreneur also owns several blogs, including 3 Brothers and A Sister.

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20 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio’s Kevin Ross Lands Nationally Syndicated TV Court Show

  1. Sista GP

    Congratulations, Kevin. Met you at Day 1 of 2008 BWB Conference in Atlanta in the group with Torrance Stephens, Love Babz, and MizRepresent. There was talk of your interview with Torrance and the brief discussion of starting his own BlogTalkRadio show. Raw Dawg Buffalo Show is in its second year…Thanks.

  2. Cheryl (Harris) Sheppard

    Congratulations Kevin!!! I wish you many blessings, fulfillment and success with your TV show. I am very excited for you and your family. It has been great reconnecting with you and L. Ross since junior high school.

  3. Unessia

    Unessia C., Florida

  4. Eddie

    I think you are very arrogant. When a litigate answers your question by saying “Yes” and then you correct them and force them to say “Yes, Judge Ross”. Or if you ask them a question and they shake their head “yes” or “no” and then you make them verbally say “yes” or “no”, like they’re little kids or something. I saw a couple cases where I would probably have been kicked out of the courtroom for my response to your uppity character. I think you should come down off your high horse….You are obviously very intelligent, but you are just too arrogant for me.

  5. JO Kirkpatrick

    Why is there a disclaimer at the end of the show state that all characters are ficticious and any resemblancee to actusl persons is coincideental??????

  6. Sue Harris

    I am impressed with the decorum in Judge Ross’ court room, none of the yelling and disorder seen on other court shows. And in my opinion he shows respect to the litigants.

  7. J-rod

    i just watched my first episode of Americas Court and you seem to be a racist/sexist pig.
    The judgement you made contradicted your every word. The comedian was telling jokes that directly effected her mother in-law’s business though you decided she was not guilty of slander. BULL You are just a waste of air time I would rather see the cranky old Judy up there than you….

  8. Denise

    I just saw your show for the first time the case was a Dermatologist suing a patient for a botox and filler treatment of over $3000 and the defendant went to pay claiming she had to go to the bank, they let her go but she never came back. Theft of services is what this is. The doctor being 15mins. late had no relevance in this case, the defendant had even admitted she was going to pay but didn’t.
    Ruling against the MD was stupid. I will not watch Judge Hack again.

  9. Willette

    I just finished watching an episode of Judge Ross American Justice and have never been more appalled or angered by a tv court decision. The case involved the plantiff,a dermatologist,and the defendant,a patient who received botox injections from the plantiff. The bill was about 3,000.00 and was never paid by the defendant. During testimony it was revealed by the defendant that the dr was 15 minutes late for a scheduled appt. The dr testified that she was indeed late for the appointment and after apologizing asked the defendant if she would like to reschedule. The defendant stated she would call to get her lunch hr extended and the services,were performed. Upon completion and during checkout, the defendant could not find her credit card and stated she needed to go to the bank and would promptly return to settle her account. After numerous attempts from the dr’s office,including attempts from the dr herself, the defendant never settled her account and thus was sued. Judge Ross,however never questioned the defendant as to why she lied and never returned with payment,but instead focused on the fact that the plaintiff was 15 minutes late and that her demeanor said to him that she was cavalier and therefore he would not award her any judgment. I watched speechless as he pounded the gavel and left the bench. My verdict for the judge is agreement with the state of California,for if this is indicative of how he ruled as a California Supreme Court Judge,then shame on him. I don’t wish to see anyone unemployed but I think Judge Ross might be better served in another profession!

  10. SB

    Don’t take the cases too serious, people. Don’t you realize the show is a fake? The litigants are just actors…and bad actors at that.

  11. Joe A

    SB: I just saw the disclaimer, too. Looked it up and saw a few casting calls for actors for the show, to be “litigants”. Perhaps Byron Allen felt sorry for Kevin Ross. Ross was removed from his position as a superior court judge in 2006, for taping pilots for a couple other courtroom shows. It seems that to be on tv has become Kevin’s life long passion. Even if he isn’t legally allowed to preside over cases, he can still admonish his “litigants”. Perhaps this makes him feel “powerful” in some way. For him to constantly refer to himself as “Boss Ross”, shows just how elevated his ego is. One of the pilots he taped that caused his removal from the bench was titled “Ross is Boss”- it never went anywhere. I find it hard to believe that he’s really married. If in fact he is, how long has his wife been in a coma? No woman would put up with an ego like that. Besides, that type feels that they’re too good to be “tied down” to just one person. They feel that as many people as possible should experience them.

  12. greg

    if his judgements were like he judges on his show- then i see why they removed him. he doesn’t even like them tell their side of the story. how can he pass judgement if he doesn’t hear both sides.

  13. John Stork

    Read the decision that removed him from the bench; a small factor was taping a pilot for a TV show. The major factors were 4 cases totally mishandled, and demonstrating egregious judicial misconduct. He is disbarred, can never practice law, and cannot be a real judge. So why is he on this show, as an example of a competent judge? – pure entertainment. It’s a joke.

  14. Jeff Folwick

    This Judge wanna B is one of the worst Judges on TV…..It’s hard to be worse than Judge Judy but this guy is a front runner for second place.He consistanly gets it wrong,rules against the person presenting the most reasonable case.You can watch a case,figure the way it should go acording to the evidence,…and he’ll rule the opposite….with a smile,like he enjoys knowing the public will be outraged with his decessions.

  15. Alex Workman

    Kevin ross is a racist, he only listens to the blacks he tries to degrade white people like blacks are better than us. i hate him and they need to take hkm off tv!!!!!!!!!

  16. Troy langford

    Judge ross, for some weird My girl friend watches your show I was walkinmg passed the tv when you where embarrassing that do on the 02/08/2011. what would make you front that guy of over that girl that left and went too Texas

    Well I hope realiased that you might have gave that guy ibn his mind reason to go postal!!! I hope he doesn’t but if he does, then then it all on YOU!!!!!!

    Just call me worried. Dumb ass!!

  17. Tom

    Here is another example of the public falling in love with an image. Kevin Ross is not fit to judge. Do your research. He was removed from the bench and is not allowed to practice law.

  18. Shelley

    Beacause this show is not real. The litigants are actors and the stories and lawsuits are made up! The Judge a real judge although he used to be. There is no money really awarded in these fake cases, although I am sure the actors are paid. But it is also a good way for these “wanna be” actors to get noticed. Some of them are really good and quite convincing!


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