Bristol Palin: I’m a Mom—So No Peek-a-Boo Costumes for Me on ‘Dancing with the Stars’!

Bristol Palin may be liberated enough to have had a kid out of wedlock at age 18, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be flashing any naughty bits on Dancing with the Stars.

Interviewed on Edgy Conservative, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin‘s now-19-year-old daughter chats about competing on ABC’s hit reality series, Season 11 of which gets under way Sept. 20.

 "I highly doubt I would," Bristol (above with Tripp) says of running for office, "because I've seen such negative aspects of it."

"I highly doubt I would," Bristol (above with Tripp) tells us of running for office in the future, "because I've seen such negative aspects of it."

“People have been talking so much about how I’m going to wear the most modest things—and I’ve been criticized for that,” she tells hosts Nicole Coulter and Amy Thoms.

“But I’m not gonna show that much skin. That’s just not who I am.

“I want to be covered up, and the costumes are definitely gonna have to be tailored to how I am and how I dress,” continues Bristol, whose competition will include such vixens as Audrina Patridge, Jennifer Grey and Margaret Cho.

Moments later, when Amy points out that many of the female DWTS contestants’ costumes look “like if they spin too hard, it’ll spin right off,” she says:

“Yes but, they have the bodies to wear them. And I’m a mom, I don’t.”

Bristol, who’ll be paired with Mark Ballas on the show, also reveals what compelled her to appear on DWTS.

“This is for fun. This is for me to get out of Alaska, get out of the situation I was in down there with my ex-boyfriend [Levi Johnston, father of her son Tripp], and do something fun and for myself.

“It’s awesome for Tripp and myself to be in California and be away from everything that was going on down there.”

To hear Bristol Palin’s full interview, click here.

“I highly doubt I would,” Bristol (above with Tripp) says of running for office, “because I’ve seen such negative aspects of it.”

9 thoughts on “Bristol Palin: I’m a Mom—So No Peek-a-Boo Costumes for Me on ‘Dancing with the Stars’!

  1. Nicole Coulter

    She’s doing a lot of advocacy work to help teens avoid making her mistakes. She is an ambassador for Candies Foundation and is being hired by many pro-family groups to speak about making the best out of difficult circumstances. And since I interviewed her, I can tell you she is delightful, intelligent and down-to-earth.

  2. Rob Morris

    The biggest day will be when the Bristol Palin faces the real world and stops being in denial. We need the truth instead of her phoney money scam she is playing.

    She is not more a hard worker or even a real honest person. She is exploiting the issue with her baby for money. She is like her mother, DWTS is just another game to get money, she has not intention of being a honest spokesman for teens, its a joke,

    She is not the first young teen to get PG and has faced the reality of raising a child.

    Palins are nothing but scammers I am truly tired of the scam they are doing.

    I personally hope she is booted off, I am disgusted to think she is being paid for her side show.

    I wish the others good luck, and I feel sorry for her partner .

    I hope Sarah Palin does not buy her votes to stay on. I hope this is honest fair voting for the others.

  3. Nicole Coulter

    I’ve met the Palins. They are down-to-earth, friendly, hardworking, unpretentious people.

    Bristol worked two jobs and went to school after giving birth to Tripp.

    As governor, Sarah Palin cut so many of the perks of office that the previous governors had enjoyed at taxpayer expense. She didn’t want her kids getting used to having a chef. She said everyone in her house would be just fine with simple meals they prepared themselves. So she LAID OFF the full-time chef, the full-time chauffeur and sold the governor’s costly private jet) to save taxpayer money.

    She figured the state could better spend the money on teachers and roads.

    The more I learn about the real Sarah Palin, my admiration grows.

  4. Rutherford Lawson

    Well Nicole, as I said over on your radio page, kudos to you for landing such a high profile guest. All of us struggling BTR hosts should be so lucky. Regardless of how I feel about the Palins, you did a good job interviewing her.

  5. peekaboo dress

    No matter what Bristol Palin does she will always be highly criticized. Therefore, Palin should just be true to herself and not worry about what other people say.

  6. Alejandro Worthey

    i hope that dancing with the stars get canceled. they let any trash on the show especially money hungry ones. the whole palin family is just after money and they all should go down for being dumb trash.

  7. sara

    I still can’t get over the fact that Sarah Palin has her own reality tv show. Can anyone have a tv show in this day and age? And it’s glaringly obvious that she is using it to gain more popularity so she can run for president of the USA. The most chilling part is that with the way everyone idolizes reality stars, it’s just insane enough to work! I’m not necessarily an exorbitant liberal or anything like that, but I would hope anyone with a little sense on either side of the political aisle should be able to tell why we wouldn’t want a woman like Sarah being in charge of the free world.


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