It’s a Critical Edition of ‘The Mix’

The Daily Mix is holding nothing back in its efforts to make this world a better place by getting to the root of so many problematic people, places and things.

So this week, we’re he highlighting those guests who freely criticize where criticism is due. You’ll learn, for instance:


"I wanna go body-surfing with Justin Timberlake, damn it!" Judy (above) imagines the object of her derision proclaiming.

-Which onetime presidential candidate Judy Tenuta claims has just one true talent – which is “making mooseburgers.”

-When Wesley Eure, the former child star who played Will Marshall on Land of the Lost, reveals that he got fired for being gay – adding, “Of course that’s anecdotal, because they’re not going to tell you legally” – which daytime drama he’s pointing the finger at.

-How Access Hollywood anchor Shaun Robinson learned to handle all those superficial characters “who want to be in your company just because you’re on TV.”

-When Armand Assante says he’s “disillusioned that in Hollywood, generally, they’re knockin’ guys out of the loop once they’re in their 40s and 50s,” which cinematic profession he’s referring to.

-Before proclaiming that “it’s morally and spiritually repugnant to exploit the innocent,” which nonprofit agency famed children’s entertainer Raffi urges listeners to contact.

-Why Jon Lovitz was so angered by his agent and manager that he fired them.

-On whose behalf legendary Hollywood producer Marty Bregman made Universal Studios honchos an offer they couldn’t refuse.

So don’t miss The Mix, hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, tonight – and every Monday – at 9 p.m. ET!

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One thought on “It’s a Critical Edition of ‘The Mix’

  1. Todd Olson

    You know what I find most interesting? It’s the lack of taking responsibility when Police officers do wrong. We have all these correct procedures but most of the rules are not followed by Judges all over the United States. I believe that they think that if we never say we are wrong we are better off. Well they will always be wrong in my case. & as far as the Police Officer that started all of this scandal one day even he will have to pay for his mistakes.


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