David Bowie’s Lost Interview: Ziggy Stardust Trapped in the Sky

David Bowie may be famous for the celestial explorations his Ziggy Stardust alter-ego sang about during the ‘70s, but in real life, he had little desire to be trapped in a tin bucket far above the world.

In a 1992 interview with Milling About host Robin Milling, which has never before aired anywhere, the glam-rock icon recalled a technical glitch during one of his over-the-top performances, which left him cursing (we imagine) ground control.

CAPTION: "I just wanted to play a saxophone in the Little Richard band when I was eight," David (above with Iman) said his first pop inspiration.

"I just wanted to play a saxophone in the Little Richard band when I was eight," David (above with wife of 18 years Iman) said of his first pop inspiration.

“The funniest thing that happen—and it was a bit of a nightmare—was on the first show of the Diamond Dogs tour,” said the Changes singer, chatting side by side with his Tin Machine bandmate, Tony Sales.

“I had a contraption fixed into one of the skyscrapers that was an integral part of the set that put me in front of the audience.

“It was the cherry-picker bit that is now known and loved through The [Rolling] Stones. This was 1974 and the cherry picker would place me out on a chair about 30 feet above the audience, and seven or eight rows out into the audience.

“And the first night we used it, it went wrong. I finished the song—I think it was Space Oddity—and it didn’t go back and I was just left there over the audience.

“I think I did about seven or eight songs out there until they figured out a way to get the hydraulics to work to pull me back in again!”

David also dished about his relationship with Somali supermodel Iman, with whom he was about to strut down the aisle—and to whom he remains married to this day.

“I am very pro on the idea. I don’t think there are any disadvantages whatsoever. I think it is a glorious union,” he said of matrimony.

“I don’t find it taxing at all because I have an absolute and complete commitment to my relationship. I find it absolutely no problem with it whatsoever.

“You got to love them for what they are exactly and you have to love the differences between you and you have to respect the space between you,” David added.

“That’s terribly important.”

Click here to hear David Bowie’s lost interview.

4 thoughts on “David Bowie’s Lost Interview: Ziggy Stardust Trapped in the Sky

  1. Laughing Gnome

    I watched him in San Francisco/1997 (Earthling tour) when a microphone failed at the beginning of “Look Back in Anger.” David made it work *for* him, signaled the band to cut, and he went off in a strange accent about hearing some interstellar radio signal and disagreeing with the political tone of their discourse. It was like one of the segues in the Outside album.

  2. Phil O.

    You know what I like about Bowie? He’s a mega-star but even at the height of fame (70s, 80s, 90s, beginning of this past decade), he always managed to keep his private life relatively private. Impressive. He’s been married to Iman for 18 years now — pretty good for a celebrity marriage.

  3. Aisha Matacale

    Oh how I preferred the music music from the decennium, everything seemed to be way statesman generative than now penalization.


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