‘The Dish’ Host Danielle Fishel: Mariah Carey’s a Three-Strike Fashion Disaster

Danielle: Mariah make me wanna cringe.

Danielle: Mariah make me wanna cringe.

In the end, Danielle Fishel didn’t have to fish long for a deserving fashion target.

Interviewed on Somewhere In Vegas, the host of the Style Network series The Dish – who first found fame as Topanga Lawrence in the ’90s sitcom Boy Meets World – now finds fault in a superstar diva.

When host Marq with a Q asks, “Who do you think has made the biggest fashion faux pas of all time?” Danielle snaps back with:

“That would be so impossible to say. Of all time? I don’t know.”

But then – a mere nanosecond later – she indeed names names.

“I think any time someone, especially a woman, is wearing something way too tight, way too short and way too low-cut all at the same time – i.e., Mariah Carey, 95 percent of the time – that, for me is a huge faux pas,” says Danielle.

CAPTION: Mariah: Not high on Danielle's best-dressed list.

Mariah: Not high on Danielle's best-dressed list.

“You can see that coming from a mile away. And that’s a pretty easy one to avoid,” she continues.

“Pick something you feel like accenting – and leave the rest to the imagination.”


Later in the show, Danielle discusses her one-time beau, former ‘N Sync-er Lance Bass, who in 2006 revealed he was gay.

When Marq asks, “Who do you think has better fashion sense: Yourself or Lance?” the actress, 28, replies:

“I’m gonna go with me on that one – just because there are more pictures out there of Lance than of me in crazy outfits.

“So nobody could prove me otherwise.”

To hear Danielle’s full interview, click here.

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