‘Guiding Light’ Stars Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia Moving Their Love Online

Much to the dismay of countless Guiding Light fans, Olivia and Natalia never got to lock lips on the recently-canceled daytime drama.

And at least one of the actors who made up the couple known as “Otalia” was so distraught by the omission that she wished for a social disease—to make it ring true.

Next month, Crystal Chappell, who played Olivia, and Jessica Leccia, who played Natalia, return to the soap realm as yet another same-sex couple—Gina and Ani—in Venice the Series.

CAPTION: Jessica (left) and Crystal: They'll always have "Venice."

Jessica and Crystal: They'll always have "Venice."

Only this time, they’ll be free from the constraints of network censors, because Venice is being produced exclusively on the Internet.

In anticipation of the digital serial’s launch, former Soap Opera Weekly editor-in-chief Mimi Torchin dishes with the ladies on her companion BlogTalkRadio show, V-Pod.

During the hour-long interview, Jessica discusses her character’s relationship with Crystal’s, which began in April 2008 and ran through Sept. 18 of this year, when the soap was booted after a record-setting 72-year run.

“I always thought there should be some kind of sore on their lips, so we could just avoid [the obvious lack of physical contact]. Like, ‘Oops! Can’t kiss!’

“At some point, I just started to assume that these were just two normal people with a, you know, normal love life, because it got skipped over.venice-the-series2

“But we had to continue with the story as if it hadn’t been skipped over,” she continues.

Crystal, meanwhile, reveals that her Venice character—who reportedly will kiss Jessica’s on the debut episode—isn’t as emotionally stable as Olivia.

“Gina is very confident in who she is and comfortable with her sexuality, and has great friendships,” she says.

“But when it comes to being intimate with someone, she’s so far behind where Olivia was when we left the show.

“So she’s rewound a bit. She’s absolutely afraid to be too close to anyone who loves her that much.”

To learn more about Venice the Series, click here.

To tune into V-Pod with Mimi Torchin, click here.

13 thoughts on “‘Guiding Light’ Stars Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia Moving Their Love Online

  1. Oliviafan08

    Thanks so much! I am glad that you featured this article about our two lovely gals. I loved GL and otalia and look forward to venice. So glad that they will be working together on venice but i do need to work on seperating them from otalia//gl but they are such fantastic actors i will watch them in anything as i have followed crystal to days. Loved otalia, loving venice, and looking forward to more vpods, crystal, jessica, mimi, and more articles like these. Thanks again for featuring them on blogtalk radio.

  2. Oliviafan08

    And I have to listen to the vpod all over again because i am remembering how good they were and it was. Loving blogtalk radio for doing this and the BPD.

  3. soaprookie

    Crystal, Jessica and Mimi totally rock! This is the most fun and interesting podcast I have listened to in quite awhile. Mimi has always approached soaps with a fan’s eye and point-of-view and you simply cannot ask for more…she speaks for the people! Jessica is as sweet as the chocolate pudding she snacks on when she tweets with the fans…even if she doesn’t respond to MY tweets! *sniff* And Crystal, well…Crystal…Ima skeered of the force that is her…but in a good way! *quakes in my boots*

    I think Venice the series is going to be a very enjoyable ride.

  4. Kelly

    That was an awesome podcast.

    Love Blogtalk for the feature on VENICE this series is gonna rock!!!

    Crystal and Jessica are Fantastic as well as the rest of the cast.

    Also shout out!!! to Kimmy and Hope – love them!!!

  5. Lara Z

    What an amazing podcast. Two amazing women and their passion for the subject was so evident. I loved hearing them as troubled as we all were by the strange visual twist of their GL relationship. And I look forward to the troubled Gina and confident Ani in Venice!

  6. kazzakaka

    Mimi Torchin Rocks, luved that she was a fan and knew the characters of Olivia & Natalia so well. What can be said about Crystal Chappell & Jessica Leccia both beautiful & intelligent, can’t wait for Venice the Series. MORE MORE!!!

  7. immeblue

    Wonderful write up; hits the main points in an informative & concise way. Love that! Thank you for helping to spread the word about our beloved Otalia, anticipation for Venice the series, the great actresses involved and this Cute podcast!

  8. lovingOtalia

    Thank you Mimi Torchin and BlogTalk for featuring our two favorite ladies, Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia!! Fantastic podcast…we don’t often have the pleasure of having BOTH CC & JL enterviewed together. NEXT? Kimmy and Hope!!

  9. Jessica

    I am so excited to see Venice next month. I love Crystal and Jessica! They are a great couple. It won’t be the same as Otalia, but i’m happy to see them together again. I was dissapointed that I didn’t get to see the two of them lock lips before Guiding Light went off the air. I hope that this time i’ll see a lot of kissing action. Olivia and Natalia will be missed.

  10. Marie AS (Natalia Halliwell)

    Hi I have watched Guiding Light About A million times i like how they put
    Oliva and Natalia close.

    Oliva and Natalia hated each other and then after they become friends after gus died and later on in the year when Natalia was about to get married to frank natalia stopped and walked away from her own wedding A RUN AWAY BRIDE. Then after Oliva went outside to find natalia and oliva trys to get nanatlia back to the church. Then Oliva and Natalia Shout at each other.

    Then Natalia poped the qestion and this is what natalia said.
    Natalia: I can’t Marrie Frank
    Oliva: Yes you can Marrie Frank
    and it goes on until natalia pop the qestion.
    Natalia: I Don’t Love Frank
    Natalia: I Love You.

    And after that there was a big puase and then the show finshed and i shouted oh come on it was going to the good part . So i have to wait until Thrusday and see what happen. And i Did natalia did’t marrie frank but oliva and natalia were together and nobody knew


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