It’s a Hard-Knocks Edition of ‘The Mix’

For most of us – the rich and famous included – life is often something short of a rose garden. Rather, it’s filled with hard knocks from the moment we enter the world until the moment we expire.

So this week, The Daily Mix has rolled a slew of hard-knocks tales into one big sob-fest. You’ll learn, for instance:

CAPTION: "Natale Portman has one like mine," Danica (above) tells us of her Bacon-Erdos rating.

"Natale Portman has one like mine," Danica (above) tells us of her poor Bacon-Erdos rating.

-Why The Wonder Years star Danica McKellar – despite having a Six-Degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon rating of 2 – only sports a rating of 4 in terms of her real hero, Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdos.

-Why real-estate mogul Barbara Corcoran believes having a soft voice puts her at a disadvantage on the new reality series Shark Tank – to say nothing of the fact that she’s “scared to death the whole time of loosing” millions of dollars of her own money.

-When 2006 world champion figure skater Kimmie Meissner says, “I do not want to guarantee that I would be any good,” which discipline – as spotlighted on which hit reality series – she’s referring to.

-Where it was, pre-stardom, that Mo’Nique had to clean out fryers at three o’clock in the morning nigh after night.

-Why Rex Lee can’t seem to catch a break from the wrath of TV boss Jeremy Piven – who says, “I’m being so cruel to this poor guy.”

-Which religious denomination – upon learning that George Soros was working nights as a waiter to support himself while in college – gave the future billionaire $7 to lessen his burden.

-When KISS guitarist Ace Frehley tell us, “I probably was gonna die if I didn’t change my ways,” which vice he’s talking about.

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