Harry Hamlin on His Clothing-Store Break-in: “The alarm company called the wrong police department!’

For Harry Hamlin, it was a case of no L.A. law—to save his tony boutique from being burgled, that is.

Interviewed on Milling About with wife Lisa Rinna—stars of the new TV Land reality series Harry Loves Lisa—the L.A. Law hunk reveals how, on Oct. 4, thieves managed to make off with more than $100,000 worth of clothing and accessories from their Belle Gray store in Studio City.

CAPTION: "It's like calling 911 and being on hold for 10 minutes," Harry (above with Lisa) says of trying to report a crime in L.A.County.

"It's like calling 911 and being on hold for 10 minutes," Harry (above with Lisa) says of trying to report a crime in L.A. County.

“Most stores get burgled eventually, particularly on Ventura Boulevard, where we are. We were burgled when we first opened, three times, right away. We had windows then that were shatterable and we now have bullet-proof glass in the entire store,” Harry, who’s also got a new memoir out, titled Full Frontal Nudity, tells host Robin Milling.

“They were able to break down the front door yesterday. You couldn’t get through the glass but you could break the door down.”

“A lot of people on Ventura Boulevard have those gates that come down. We never really wanted to go there because they’re ugly. And we probably were just stupid about that. Maybe we should’ve,” adds Lisa, who’s also got a new book, hers titled Starlit—a “racy roman à clef about a Tinseltown star.”

“They snatch and grabbed. It was at 6:20 in the morning and no girls were there; nobody was working and nobody is really on the street. They grabbed the first two racks and grabbed what was off the table and got it,” continues Lisa.

“We have a security company with an alarm that goes off. But we don’t think it went off because it wasn’t going when our manager got to the store,” adds Harry.

“There were no police there because the alarm company called the wrong police department! They called the LAPD instead of the Van Nuys PD.

The Hamlin family: Safe and (cyber)sound.

The Hamlins: Safe and (cyber)sound.

“I was on hold for so long with this company and when a human being finally answered the phone I said, ‘OK, everybody’s dead! It took me this long to get through to you guys.’

The couple also discusses keeping tween daughters Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray safe from cybersmut and cyberstalkers.

“What I’ve done about the Internet is I’ve scared them to death,” says Lisa. “I tell them of the images that they may see if they press the wrong button, that it will scare them for the rest of their life and they won’t forever be able to sleep again!”

“They’re thinking, like, they’re gonna see Chucky,” says Harry.

“I scared the s— out of them,” add Lisa. “They’re scared to go to anybody’s house who’s watching YouTube. I say, ‘Don’t you go in that room. You tell the mother you are not allowed.’

“They’re good about it right now—but it’s gonna go out the window in a year or two.”

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