Former ‘House Hunters’ Host Suzanne Whang to HGTV: My Fans Would Beg to Differ That I’m Dispensable

For the record, House Hunters has given host Suzanne Whang the old heave-ho—despite what your ears may be telling you.

Interviewed on Olivia Wilder Times, the comedian helps clear up some confusion about who’s been narrating recent episodes of the long- running HGTV reality series.

Suzanne: Vocal about net's apparent vocal doubles.

Suzanne: Vocal about cable net's alleged vocal doubles.

“I [hosted House Hunters] for almost a decade, and I left about a year ago. But they will show my reruns in perpetuity, I’m sure,” Suzanne sniffs to host Olivia Wilder.

“They have apparently hired someone to do the voiceovers— who fans of mine are claiming is some woman who is trying to sound like me.

“But all of my true fans say, ‘We know that it’s not you,'” continues Suzanne, who has also done guest turns on Two and a Half Men, Brothers & Sisters, Boston Legal and other hit shows.

Suzanne then adds that her House Hunters exit wasn’t solely a cost-cutting move on her former employer’s part.

“There is a philosophy that the hosts of the HGTV shows have nothing to do with [the shows’] success. If you disagree with that, you can write to HGTV, through their website,” she says.

“Now, that might have just been a contract-negotiations sort of a thing to say, but of course my fans and friends and family would beg to differ with them.

“That’s why you see this whole wave of going from shows with hosts to shows with hosts that aren’t even on camera; they’re just on voiceover.

“Maybe they’ll eventually take the voiceovers away too. Who knows?”

To hear Suzanne’s full interview, click here.

37 thoughts on “Former ‘House Hunters’ Host Suzanne Whang to HGTV: My Fans Would Beg to Differ That I’m Dispensable

  1. Sherrie Cotton

    And you were WONDERFUL on HOUSE HUNTERS…I loved YOU on there! You appeared to be excited to show the 3 homes of the HOUSE HUNTERS choices! 🙂

    Author Sherrie D. Cotton, Upcoming Fiction Read “FOR LOVE OR MONEY?” Available Oct 2009

  2. jeanne

    I loved Suzanne. She is the only host that’s not irritating. She was all about the show and not her ego. She had a great voice and looked great camera . You made a big mistake. Please beg her to come back.

  3. Vern

    Nobody will be able to replace Suzanne Whang. She is the best and is sorely missed on House Hunters. The show is not the same and I don’t watch the program as much because the excitement is no longer present. The show is missing the key element – Ms. Whang! Her fans would be so thrilled to see her back on House Hunters. Kudos Ms. Whang and I wish you the best!

  4. Sandra Douglas

    I have been wondering where she was! I knew right away when they stopped showing her, that they were doing something FISHY! I started looking for the name of whoever was narrating, and at first it was someone named “Collette Whitaker”, and just tonight, I noticed it is someone named “Andromeda Decker”! WTF??

    BRING BACK OUR SUZANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. janet

    Not to cut down the person who’s narrrating the show now but I don’t care for the new format. I was a closet fan of the show but after sitting through the first episode without Suzanne as host, I won’t bother watching it anymore. Too bad you had to take a good thing and spoil it.

  6. Marie

    I googled Suzanne’s name tonight because it is now evident that Suzanne is no longer hosting my fav HGTV show, House Hunters. Many of the show’s fans personally identified with Suzanne because she made us care about the parade of complete strangers who show up nightly on HH. She represented consistency, which made the show much more personal. I miss her. She was so warm, natural, and had no ego. She was a lot like HH’s viewers, actually. The new format of voice only doesn’t cut it.

  7. Debbie

    Without Suzanne Whang on House Hunters the show has lost ALL it’s personality and definately lost it’s personal touch with the fans. She brought excitement to the show and made us feel as if we were part of the choosing process. The warmth of House Hunters is gone. HGTV admit you made a big mistake and bring Suzanne back as soon as possible.

  8. Shirley

    House Hunters is not the same without Suzanne Whang. This used to be my favorite show, but now I can’t stand watching it. The voiceovers do not work. It’s so impersonal. Why mess with a format that works? Ms. Whang is indispensable. Please bring her back.

  9. deb

    the personality of the show has been lost. suzanne was the show! the “voiceover” host is a bit of a snooze. a voice alone cannot make it personable. i miss suzanne!

  10. Karen

    I too knew it wasn’t Suzanne right away. I liked that Suzanne was real and personable. You could hear the warmth and humor in her voice. Now Househunters is just like My First Place, with a parade of annoying people going from place to place, leaving viewers devoid of interest. The show lacks cohesion, and the voice-overs seem like a silly convention, considering there is no personality behind them. The re-runs just make me think of how awful the decision to deprive us of Suzanne was.

  11. Julie

    HH was my favorite HGTV show….now I never watch. I’m not a fan of the new show. I was hoping she was just on a nice vacation. 🙁

  12. Ray West

    The show is just not the same without Suzanne. I don’t know what HGTV was thinking by letting her go. Any host is important to the show, and builds a familiar connection with the audience. I love House Hunters, and even saw my own house on it once (in the background) but I don’t like the show as much as I did when Suzanne was on it. Oh well.

  13. Pam

    I love Suzanne! The show is not the same without her. I do not like the voice of the lady in the show now, and I certainly do not like to just listen. I want to see who is talking. And that someone is Suzanne!
    Bring her back!!

  14. Kathy

    I think that taking Suzanne off House Hunters was a big mistake. HGTV should have taken a lesson from Trading Spaces–they fired the host (Paige Davis), but they ended up hiring her back. I don’t think the show ever really recovered, though. I sure don’t watch it anymore. Hosts definitely DO affect the popularity of shows, and whoever is telling the producers or directors otherwise is clearly mistaken and needs to start asking the actual viewers what they think.


  15. Tim

    Is it just me, or was the episode on dated “first aired” on 4/9 or 4/10 featured Suzanne back? This looked like a new episode. Maybe HGTV realized that Suzanne belonged as the host.

  16. CiCi

    We haven’t really watched the show since the new voice came on. She’s horrible! Monotone in nature with all the excitement of a dead fish. They ruined this pleasant show for good. Glad to see others feel the same way.

  17. Julie

    “HGTV House Hunters” is not the same without Suzanne as host. I really miss seeing her on each episode. She was a wonderful host and I used to watch the show every night when it was on – now it’s different. I used to be teased about watching HGTV too much but HGTV has changed its programs so much that “House Hunters” was one of the few shows I still watched. Since they have removed Suzanne as host, I rarely watch this channel.

    HGTV EXECUTIVES – – – if you are reading this, please do whatever it takes to bring Suzanne back to “House Hunters”. You are losing viewers with out her – – -BRING SUZANNE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Judith K Walters

    My Dad loves Suzanne. We will miss her. House Hunters International is one of my favorite shows.

  19. Tisha

    House Hunters sucks without Suzanne Whang. A mistake was made when she was removed. This show was why I watched HGTV and have stopped watching since Suzanne left. I suspect HGTV won’t have many viewers for much longer if they keep making such STUPID decisions.

  20. roberta blasens

    house hunters is just too boring and impersonable…….the international version has lost me,,,,,,bring back suzanne,,,,,,

  21. Janet Doyle

    I also wondered what happened on House Hunters, I do miss Suzanne and her comments on the househunters and there choices.

    HGTV bring her back.

  22. Tina

    I so seldom watch House Hunters anymore. Without Suzanne Whang, the show is simply not the same. It has lost its luster and appeal. It’s boring to no degree. Her personality made the show a favorite for the past several years. I watched before I bought a home, after we moved in, but I’d rather read a magazine than sit through a dull episode. Not to take anything away from the voiceover persons (I know the network is trying to save money), but the new format just doesn’t work for me.

  23. Steve

    HGTV has not been known for their smart decisions. They remain clueless as to what really maintains a loyal base of viewers. Just another bone headed decision by a major network.

  24. Mary

    The show is not the same without Suzanne as host. Remember “Trading Spaces” when they did away with Page and a host. It does make a difference.

  25. Steven C

    Suzanne brought personality in a fun and light way to House Hunters. Without her there is no common thread and the show has become a faceless drone. The ‘voice’ is anonymous, the show is boring and I loose my breath watching because I don’t care which property is chosen and cannot wait for it to end. I always end up turning the channel on the first commercial break. Please bring her back!

  26. Maralago

    I can’t believe anyone would miss Suzanne Whang’s voice!! That sing-songy thing she does that sounds like nyah-nyah-nyah, is horrible!!! I can’t stand her, anyone, including a trained monkey would sound better.

  27. Andrew

    I SO miss Suzanne Whang! It really isn’t the same without her…we stopped dvr-ing the show because it just isn’t the same. They got us to watch it for a while without her, only because we thought perhaps she was ill and would be coming back eventually – but now that we know that is not the case we’re bowing out. BRING BACK SUZANNE WHANG!! How odd and icy it is of them to think it isn’t the hosts that bring us back to the show??? TV 101 tells you people who become connected to the host are far more loyal to the show. Bad HGTV!

  28. Salanda

    House Hunters has definitely some of it’s personality. It used to be one of the top shows I watched. I rarely tune in now although I did try. It’s missing a bit of flavor. The voice over’s actual voice doesn’t brother me. But it’s like the life has been sucked out and it sounds more scripted instead of having that personal touch. This show isn’t the same and neither is Design Star this past season. Somebody really knows what they are doing.

  29. bruce

    suzanne was a fantastic host on house hunters. she should consider going on dancing with the stars to get back at HGTV’s budget cuts. we all know HGTV didn’t want to pay for suzanne’s travel flights and now we have no face and no host to see on my use to be favorite show on tv. we miss you suzanne and wish you the best.oh btw, the info on 2010 episodes still show suzanne’s name as the host. whats up with that ! ?

  30. dawn gross

    my husband and i did an episode of house hunters that aired thanksgiving weekend 2004. we adore suzanne whang and are so proud to know she hosted our show. if you google “dawn gross house hunters” you will see our show. i have not met her yet however i do live in the same neighborhood that she does so i think i will see what i can do to look her up. i just found out she no longer does house hunters but am glad she’s doing other things. if you’d like to comment on our show you can email me at thank you house hunters for giving us an exceptional experience!!!! and thank you suzanne whang….we love you!!!!

  31. P. McIntosh

    House Hunters has NEVER been the same, without, suzanne…
    Shame of HGTV.
    Never watched any of their other shows…
    House Hunters, now is really irritating…the buyers are, whinny & totally boring…
    Whoever is wirtting the “program” is a mess.
    Don’t give it the time of day, anymore.

  32. Eric Schwartz

    Hi everybody.

    I have sad news to tell you. Suzanne Whang has breast cancer and has spent every dime she had (and more) seeking treatments of all kinds over the last five years. If you’d like to help her in her path towards healing (hopefully) please consider making a small donation on her website so that she doesn’t have to worry about money AND cancer. has a donate button on the home page.



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