James Cameron: You Can Thank George W. Bush for ‘Avatar’

Odd as it sounds, the most successful film of all time—Avatar—was inspired by George W. Bush (at least in part).

So says James Cameron, whose 3D sci-fi epic crossed the $2 billion worldwide mark in late January, besting the previous record holder, his own Titanic, which topped out at $1.8 billion.

Interviewed on Movie Geeks United, the powerhouse director discusses the theme of imperialism in Avatar.

CAPTION: "It's going to carry on I think for some time," James (above) tells us of industrial development destroying world cultures, "at least until we're all one homogenous society wearing blue jeans and eating McDonald's."

"It's going to carry on for some time," James (above) tells us of industrial development destroying world cultures, "at least until we're all one homogenous society wearing blue jeans and eating McDonald's."

“I was writing the film in early ’05—I had written the treatment way back earlier—and the story didn’t change much from the treatment. But I think some of the influences were the fact that we were at the peak of the fighting in the Iraq War,” he tells hosts Jamey DuVall and Jerry Dennis.

“I was reacting to the fact that I was infuriated by us going into Iraq in the first place. There was plenty of literature and information around that there was no WMD before we went in, and the whole thing was a big pack of lies—which ultimately proved to be true.”

James also discusses how the success of Avatar—which will be re-released on Aug. 27, sporting nine minutes of new footage—has had other big-time directors knocking on his door.

“I’ve done a few tutorials. I’ve done a few phone calls. I’ve run out to the camera shop and talked them through it,” he says.

“The thing I tell any director who wants to get into 3D—just get the camera and just go shoot some stuff for a couple days. Do some tests. Learn about stereo space and what you can do and have fun with it.

“Instead of fearing it and feeling It’s just a limitation, they should start to think, Alright, how can I create my own style in 3D? How can I make this a new set of colors to paint with?

As for his next trick, James says:

“It’s all in flux right now. I have to be very careful on how I pick my battles, and the order in which I fight them. ‘Cause it’s not like I’m 25 years old.

“We’re talking about big projects that take multiple years, and especially if I do two of them back-to-back, I have got to figure out the exact timetable.

“So I haven’t announced anything yet and I don’t expect to for probably six months at a minimum. Everything you’ve heard about is still in play—and even a couple you haven’t heard about.”

Click here to hear Jame Cameron’s full interview tonight at 10pm ET.

28 thoughts on “James Cameron: You Can Thank George W. Bush for ‘Avatar’

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  2. michelle birdsong

    How can you stand yourself getting rich with your subversive film – being an Ameriphobe? Why are you still living in America if she’s so bad. Why are people from all over the world risking their lives to come to America, if she’s so bad? If she’s so bad how come you have the freedom to make your Ameriphobe film and make a fortune from it? Are you crazy? If she’s so bad why is it that under no circumstance will you leave here? Are you sure you’re not crazy?

  3. Dan

    So all that bluster about Avatar NOT being anti-american was as much as lie as saying it wasn’t ripping off Pocahantus and Dances with Wolves mister Cameron?

  4. SQT

    Are these people ever going to stop blaming Bush for everything? Bush didn’t inflict this “Pocahontas” rip-off on us.

  5. Matthias

    Cameron, Mr. I’ll debate anyone on global warming. Then when all your childish demands are met you back out. No credibility typical waste of lib flesh. Well you’ll never get so much as a dime from me you hypocrite.

  6. Hollywoodron

    Saddam Hussein USED WMDs on locals, on whole villages… for 9 years his soldiers fired upon U.S. fighter pilots trying to keep a no fly zone in place to PROTECT Kurds from annihilation. He starved his own people, he had rape dens, there is video footage of him and his sons torturing anyone they pleased. Iraqi’s EXECUTED Saddam! Please look up Al Gore Bill Clinton and Saddam Hussein on youtube… you will see footage of both of them warning of Saddam’s deadly trail of terror and warning that something must be done. I just don’t get the brainwashing and blame America that progressives spew out. Indians were never innocent hippies living in peace communes before white man came! The first Indians united with the Pilgrims because they were being decimated and enslaved by surrounding tribes!

  7. Doug Cooper

    Never in the history of filmmaking as someone put together something to trite and predictable as Avatar. If you don’t believe me, try watching it on television where all the special effects tricks can carry the story. I was a supporter of George W. Bush, but if he is responsible for avatar he has lost my support.

  8. ejp

    Yeah, James, you made this film because you’re frustrated over the fact that a mass murdering thug in Saddam Hussein is out of power. That’s the ultimate definition of pathetic.

    I will never see this piece of self-loathing anti-American bullshit.

  9. Andrew

    Great, maybe he can have a candle light vigil with Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, The river trolls from The View, Steven Speilberg, Brad Pitt and every other filthy rich, leftist, Hollywood scum that has made their fortune from the greatness of capitalist America, but yet hates it to its core. They want 2 classes of people, the super rich and the downtrodden poor, because they’re sooooooo much smarter than the rest of us and they know what’s best for us little people.

    Someday Americans will wake up and rise up.

  10. AJR

    I remember after 9/11 thinking how little criticism was made towards those who actually did it. It was unbelievable. It didnt’ take long to realize that there were people (a few in the movie industry) who were hoping that there would be a war in Iraq and hoping that it would go bad and a lot of people would die and they could make movies about it. They started making movies about Iraq even before the invasion of Bagdad. How sadistic is that? They want people to forget about 9/11 because they want it to be like it was after Vietnam again, because that’s where their heads are still at.

    Look at the criticism of those who think the mosque AT Ground Zero is a bad idea. Are they are racist because they think it’s bad? No. Is it wrong to not like Islamic ideals or obey Shariah Law? No. It doesn’t belong here. Don’t they like the people who they sell there stuff to? WHy is it you can’t just disagree with certain things and it’s turned on you if you say Islam is bad, then they try to make it look like Islam isn’t bad, it’s your beliefs are bad?

    This kind of misanthropic ideal is a just sickening to me. Maybe it’s a directed Misanthropic attitude. It’s directed at the people they are trying to sell their garbage too.

    I noticed they are trying to sell this film to the same audience again. Man, talk about greed. How those $1 video rentals working out for them?

  11. rudy lipps

    There was NOT plenty of ‘literature” and “information around” that there were no WMDs in Iraq before we went in! That is a monstrous lie. I’m sure Cameron believes it, being an easily led twit who believes negative re-written history about America before it’s even written. This man is a disgusting elitist and an anti intellectual of the first order.

  12. Bunker

    Soooo, was he working ( Stealing his stuff from other pieces of fiction for a really long time or not?) Or is he just trying to stir up some reason for people to shell out of a high price 3D movie ticket to see 9 MORE MINUTES OF NEW FOOTAGE..I’m thinking the later or maybe both.

  13. RogerCotton

    This arrogant man apparently would prefer saving twelve-foot blue aliens to 25 million Iraqis.

    Now, he’s hawking Global Warming nonsense, but won’t debate it.

    Hypocrite, anti-American, and pathetically liberal. I have no use for such a man.

  14. Ace

    I have a vid of EVERY demRAT from Buuba to Bite me and on to Jon eff’n Kerry saying that there WERE WMD’s in Iraq so this d**k-wad is fulla streisand.

  15. Steve In Tulsa

    But you stole the script from Costner! How can you say Bush wrote it? And why did you arrange to debate AGW and then bail out at the last second? Coward? No faith in AGW? Why the running and hiding when you were pretending you would debate?

  16. Hombre

    In fairness, Michelle, (and I’m not an uncritical fan of Cameron) it is not impossible to love some aspects of America while hating others. Clearly he hates G W Bush and his policies, but does that make him an “Amerophobe” any more than your hating Bill Clinton would make you one?

  17. passionate conservative

    Cameron is an example of a Hollywood schnook. He wants us all to suffer or do without, so he can do what he wants. He doesn’t give a whit about the planet; he cares about his bottom line. Blame George Bush? Maybe he hasn’t been paying attention, but Bush hasn’t been in office for quite some time, and the world is still a dangerous place outside of the United States of America. I wonder if Cameron would be willing to go to Saudi or to Iran and spout off? Likely not, cause he knows he’d have his useless noggin lopped off.

  18. Jennie Floyd

    Michelle, did you even see the movie? Cameron is no Ameriphobe. He was against invading Iraq without just cause, as were many patriots including myself. Avatar is a statement against greed and the desecration of the environment. It is not anti-American. The hero of the film is a former Marine. The soldiers in the film are mercenaries hired by a corporation, not US troops. If you have seen Avatar and still came to the above conclusions, I think you missed the entire point of the film, that of the connectedness of all forms of life and the need to respect it. We forget these lessons at our peril. James Cameron is a visionary and he is far from crazy.

  19. Jim Right

    you..are not a patriot…..I doubt that you would give your life for this country….the film was truly anti-American…..get a clue and take off the 3d glasses and put down your kool aide…..you want to be a Patriot….time to get your finger nails dirty!

  20. Christopher

    Apparently the only way to be an American Patriot here is to agree with everyone else who hates Mr. Cameron and this movie. We have the First Amendment to say what we want, but so does he. Is vitriolic hatred and namecalling the American Way? That’s not what I was taught, and I love this country to my core.

    Mr. Right, seeing that you are alive and well enough to write your opinion on this page, you haven’t given your life for this country either. Try not to judge people before you know them.

    We say that this is a Christian country – then let’s try to BE more Christ-like.


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