Jason Connery: No Silver-Screen Roles with Father Sean

If you’ve been wondering when Sean Connery‘s going to return to the Cineplex, don’t hold your breath.

So says the 79-year-old screen icon’s son, budding director Jason Connery.

Sean (left) and Jason: Never pulled off cinematic pairing.

Sean and Jason: Never pulled off cinematic pairing.

Interviewed on Movie Addict Headquarters, Jason, 46, who forged his own acting career in the British TV series Robin of Sherwood and flicks like Shanghai Noon, puts the kibosh on co-starring with the original 007.

When host Betty Jo Tucker asks, “Do you think that you and your father might ever appear together in a movie?” Jason says:

“There was a moment where we were going to do a film together and then the whole thing fell apart. Which was unfortunate. In fact, it happened twice.

“I don’t know that my dad really wants to act anymore. I think he feels like he’s sort of tired of doing that. He lives in the Bahamas now and lives a wonderful life there, and I think he’s very happy.”

In 2007, Sean—who hasn’t appeared in a flick since 2003’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen—announced that he wouldn’t be playing Harrison Ford‘s dad in the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series. “In the end,” he said, “retirement is just too damned much fun.”pandemic

Jason, whose directorial debut, Pandemic, is out on DVD this week, also reveals to Movie Addict Headquarters the secret helming a film project.

“The No. 1 priority—no matter what the budget of your film is—is to get good caterers,” he says.

“Now, that may sound like a joke. But I gotta tell you, well-fed actors are happy actors. And if you’re gonna work them long hours, you can’t give them a bit of old bread with a bit of old moldy cheese in there.

“You give them really good food, and they appreciate it. I couldn’t pay the actors [in Pandemic] as well as I would have liked, because it was low-budget.

“But they ate very well!”

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