Jim Florentine on Ex-Gal Pal Robin Quivers: ‘It’s All Good’

Despite his many accomplishments since splitting with Robin Quivers in 2007—including the launch of VH1’s That Metal Show and the shooting of the feature flick A Little Help with Jenna FischerJim Florentine‘s failed romance with Howard Stern‘s sidekick is still top of mind with most all his fans.

Interviewed on Night Views Radio, the Crank Yankers comic discusses his fling with Robin, which began in August 2007, when—while live on Howard’s show—he asked her on a date.

"She's awesome," Jim (above with Robin) tells us of hooking up with Howard's "conscience." "She was amazing."

"She's awesome," Jim (above with Robin) tells us of hooking up with Howard's "conscience." "She was amazing."

“All of the emails I’ve gotten since I booked you on the show,” asks host Robert Saul, “it’s all about your relationship with Robin. Can you fill us in? Everybody is curious as to why you two ended the relationship.”

“I don’t know. That was three years ago. it just didn’t work out. You know—who knows?” says Jim.

“We’re still friends, we’re still on good terms. We still keep in contact.

“Look, we’re two adults. We’re not in high school going, ‘I’m never talking to you again!’ ‘Well, f— you. I’m not either!'” adds the funnyman.

“I’ve been on [Howard’s] show a bunch of times since and it’s all good.

“The schedule definitely doesn’t help and stuff. I travel. I’m on the road 15, 17 days of the month, so it’s tough to have something normal.

“People want year ‘round and I understand that. But my career, I always put that first and unfortunately that f— up a lot of relationships. What are you going to do?”

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