Joe Jackson: It’s All About the Benjamins (and a Hearty Breakfast)

It’s good to know that Joe Jackson—who turns 81 next month—is making at least one concession to a healthy diet.

Interviewed on Film Festival Radio via phone from his Indiana hotel room last week, the Jackson family dad stopped in the middle of his chat to order breakfast.

CAPTION: "I'm ordering my food and talking on the radio." Joe (above) told us. "Ha ha!"

"I'm ordering my food and talking on the radio!" Joe (above) laughed.

“Let me have one pancake, two eggs, summer sausage and sugar-free syrup,” he told room service—before adding, “And two strips of bacon.”

Moments earlier, however, when host Janice Malone asked Joe about his favorite composition by his son, Michael Jackson, he replied, “I like the Earth Song. [It’s] about saving the animals.”

Joe, who was in Janice’s hometown of Nashville this weekend for an appearance at the 1st Annual Metro City Women’s Forum & Expo, also discussed another of his superstar offspring—Janet Jackson.

“Everything Janet has sung or recorded and performed is good [and] makes money,” he beamed.

“See, Janet has a lot of fans, almost as many fans as Michael had, and those fans are always looking for something good coming from their artist.

“But at the same time they love their artist and the artist tries to patronize to the fans to keep them happy.”

Joe also weighed in on American Idol, saying:

“Anything is good if it makes money, ya know. That’s what I think.

“It’s all about the money, really, and if the person who is doing the interview, if they’re telling the truth and that’s what the interviewer wants to hear and the money is right, it’s a great deal.”

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