Josh Duhamel: My Vanity’s Still Intact (Thanks to Photoshop!)

Josh: Withered not.

Josh: Withered not.

Josh Duhamel may star in the smash-hit Transformers series, but in real life, transforming his bod was beyond his abilities.

Interviewed on Milling About, the hunky screen idol (who—we just had to add—is married to pop star Fergie) reveals how he evaded looking deformed in the ad campaign for his upcoming flick, Life as We Know It, co-starring Katherine Heigl.

“I’m getting a lot of flak, mostly about my chicken legs,” Josh tells host Robin Milling about the poster for the flick, which tells the story of two single adults who become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends are killed in an accident.

“I was like, ‘OK dude, I’ll do the underwear, but please make my right calf look a little bit bigger!'” he adds of negotiating with the marketing department at Warner Bros. Pictures.

“I ruptured my Achilles [tendon], like, six years ago and it never grew back. So it’s like half the size of the other one.”

Josh—along with Elijah Wood and Adam Brody, his co-stars in another flick, The Romantics, which opened last week—also dishes about the day he walked down the aisle.

Good as new: His complete-again calf.

Good as new: His complete-again calf.

“It makes me appreciate my wedding.  I knew going in that [Fergie] was the one I wanted to be with, because this guy did not know for sure,” he says of his Romantics character.

“I think men have this sort of coming-of-age, where they need to step up and be a man and make a decision or not. I actually felt really good on my wedding day. I felt really calm.

“I had all my friends and family and the main focus was that everybody should have a good time. We had a few different music things going,” Josh adds.

“This is a moment of confession but, when I’d go to weddings, I’d go up to complete strangers and say, ‘My God, this is so sweet!’

“I didn’t want to do that at my own wedding. I did not want to tear up at my own wedding. If there was any anxiety, it was to remain as composed as possible.”

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  1. Karen

    Josh Duhamel talking about marriage? Give me a break. Hey Josh everybody knows you cheat on your wife. When is your wife going to get out of denial? Fergie makes women look like doormats for losers like Josh to walk all over.


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