Josh Golden: Radio Disney’s Next FRIGID Thing

To millions of adoring tween girls, crooner Josh Golden is the hottie of the moment.

After all, the 15-year-old Missouri native is a favorite to win Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing competion.

CAPTION: Josh: Ready to Channel Nanook of the North.

Josh: Ready to channel Nanook of the North.

What’s more, his Small Town, Big City single has gone into heavy rotation on stations nationwide— and MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog has given him his props for his witty new track about Miley Cyrus deleting her Twitter account.

But come October 31, Josh won’t be looking hot at all. To the contrary!

Interviewed on WZAP Internet Radio, the budding pop star reveals how he’ll be dressed for Halloween.

“I’m thinkin’ an Eskimo. How cool would that be?” he tells host Zachary Sang.

Josh also chats about his devotion to fright night.

“I do for sure go trick-or-treating. Man, Halloween’s the best,” he says.

“I’ll be in L.A., so I’m so excited. I’ll probably be headin’ up to Toluca Lake. That’s like the best trick-or-treating. That’s where my friend lives.

“Last year we wore plain white T’s and we got a big stereo and played Hey There Delilah as we walked down the street!”

To hear Josh’s full interview, click here.

To vote for Josh in the Next Big Thing contest, click here.

To check out the Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah video, click here.

One thought on “Josh Golden: Radio Disney’s Next FRIGID Thing

  1. ashley

    hah josh golden is totally hott >i have be a fran of his on myspace when he first started it ,it was a year september 25th that i have know josh ..i have his album his t-shirt and i have voted and help spread tha word for him in every way i can ..i think he will win this next biggest thing on disney …and hey hey if not well to me and to alot of others he is tha next biggest thing>>he is an awsome person he’s music totally rock and not to metion he is tha hottest new comer out there !!!so yeah josh golden totally rocks and alwayz has my support..ily josh golden your fran


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